Ep 205. How to Manifest your Business Goals with Laura Tynan

Laura Tynan Business Coach Podcast Make Millions to Impact Millions

Have you ever asked yourself; “Why does it feel hard to achieve the big things I want in life?” or “why are some people so successful & wealthy and others are not?” Well that is exactly what we will be covering in today’s show.

On this episode we are talking all things manifestation as your host Laura Tynan shares three key manifestation fundamentals to understand and reveals her 7 step framework for achieving quantum manifestations.

Laura has been intentionally using Law of Attraction ever since age 19 when she came across the series of Abraham Hicks books and it has changed her life.

Tune in to hear what happened and how you too can begin using this Universal Law to manifest your big business goals and desires with more ease and joy.


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2.20: Which of these 3 manifestation groups are you in?

5.40: How Manifestation & Law of Attraction works

6.30: Why working harder is not the answer to achieving more

7.00: How one book can change your life (who else has read Ask & It Is Given by Abraham Hicks?

7.40: Guess the first 3 things on Laura’s vision board – here it is!

9.00: How a chance event led to flying to Toronto and interviewing personal development legend Bob Proctor from the movie The Secret

12:40: The transformations that came from mastering the art of manifestation (& how a finance career crossed over with Royalty) 

13.35: Why you should say YES and figure out the HOW later

14.05: Why people are not lucky

14.50: Manifestation training

15.20: The three key principles of the Law of Attraction; are you manifesting what you want or don’t want?

17.50: THIS is the only thing that really matters for manifesting your business goals 

19.40: The 7 step framework for creating quantum manifestations in your life

19.50: Step 1 – Clarity and the difference between specific and non-specific manifestors

20.55: Step 2 – creating new habits, morning routines, creating from within and redefining how to achieve success

22.25: Step 3 – energy work; the power of your emotions, how your desires have a specific vibrational frequency and what to do to tune into them

25.10: Step 4 – Fall in love with your goal and how to use goal cards to manifest with more ease

26.30: Step 5 – healing past wounds and the power of breathwork

28.00: Step 6 – Action; but not hustle or being busy. Instead take aligned action; and here is how to do it

29.38: Step 7 – study and why it needs to be part of your daily practice  

30.30: Why having faith, based on understanding is your true power  

32.00: Next steps, free resources and your personal  invitation to the Trailblazers Academy

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