Ep 207: How to grow an award winning business and secure £2m in funding with Laura Simpson

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Ready to take your passion from business idea to an award winning success?  On this episode, Laura speaks with Laura Simpson, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of My Bespoke Room.

It is the UK’s #1 rated interior design professional, and Design Pal Pro; their new SaaS tool to help other designers set up, run and grow their own interior design businesses. 

They speak about leaving your corporate job to pursue your business idea; growing two businesses while also growing a family, and raising £2m+ in angel investments. 

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1.00: How an interest in Pinterest led to creating a booming interior design business

5.15: The reality of growing a business – taking it from idea to reality 

6.30: The importance of getting started and learning from your mistakes  

7.20: Why you don’t need to be an expert in your industry to create a successful business

9.00: Choosing the right co-founder 

12.23: Behind the scenes early on and the power of using focus groups   

14.00: Hiring a predominantly female team, creating flexible work opportunities & attracting the best with your business mission and vision

15.30: Using technology for creating better working conditions

17.55: Flexible working style and growing a business and having a family  

20.53: Changing your business model and creating a new SaaS offer

23.00: Investing journey of a start-up. From bootstrap to raising £2million in angel investing 

26.30: The dynamics of having a capital table of 43 investors and how to best communicate with your investors

28.20: Behind the scenes on your first ever investor pitch meeting and the key things to do to secure funding 

  • 1. Know your numbers
  • 2. Have slick answers prepared to most common questions 
  • 3. Realise not all investors are interested in the same areas
  • 4. Target the right types of investors – so your business is the right type of business and at the right stage

31.00: When investing becomes a two way relationship

We always love to hear from you so leave us a review and let us know what you loved about this show and what you want to hear more of!

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