Ep. 208: How to become a Media Magnet, a Tedx Speaker & Podcast Host with Lauren Friedrich

Podcast Lauren Friedrich Laura Tynan Make Millions to Impact Millions

On this episode of Make Millions to Impact Millions, your host Laura Tynan speaks with international sales executive, Tedx Speaker, Podcast Host and Media Magnet Lauren Friedrich.

There were so many “AMEN!” moments in this discussion, we know you are going to love it!!


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1.55:  Life in the corporate world and landing a role in TalkSpace. 

4.05:  The importance of TalkSpace: What it is and Lauren’s role at TalkSpace.

5.09:  The stigma surrounding mental health and asking for help.

7.22:  Being strategic when returning to the corporate world. 

10.55:  The increasing number of women delving into entrepreneurship as a result of the pandemic.

11.27:  You CAN have it all, but you have to commit to it!

13.06:  The journey of working in the corporate world while juggling a side business, a podcast, and more.

16.35:  There are always ways to repackage and reimagine yourself. 

17.40:  Don’t wait for permission to make moves and decisions. 

18.54:  The importance and experience of doing a TED Talk. 

24.02:  Developing a podcast, providing mentorship to those who don’t have that opportunity, and sponsorships. 

28.17:   What no REALLY means. How to turn a no into a yes.  

31.47:  Mantras and self affirmations to live by.

33.18:  Put out good vibes and good things happen!

34.15:  Final thoughts and advice on moving forward.

Shareable Quotes:

“You are the biggest investment you’ll make in yourself”

“All knowledge is spendable currency depending on the market”

” We are all limited editions of ourselves”

” Learn what your worth is and then stop giving people discounts”

” What the mind conceives the body achieves”

“You’re not a victim of your circumstance. You’re  a product of the decisions you make”

We always love to hear from you so leave us a review and let us know what you loved about this show and what you want to hear more of! 

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