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When I began training as a professional speaker back in 2018, I was driven by more than just learning how to speak on big stages and getting paid to share my story and knowledge.

For me it was about learning how to use my voice to share my message with real impact, so I could share my passion for supporting women in business in a way that inspired change in listeners.

My business was born out of this passion to progress gender equality and that message and mission is one I have shared on stages around the world; first when working at EY when I led the Gender Equality team, and afterwards across Europe, including at Forbes, and virtually around the world.

It’s time to become fearlessly visible and boldly shine your light in the world.

When I think of great female speakers, I think of Michelle Obama. She is someone who speaks to a room of thousands yet speaks to you as one person. She is relatable yet aspirational, and her energy is captivating.

The wonderful truth I discovered about Michelle Obama is that she was not always a star speaker. She had to work on managing her nerves on stage, she learned how to become an expert storyteller, and invested the time and energy needed in developing her skill on stage presence and skill.

The reason I share this is that so often we see greatness within others and doubt our own ability to achieve the same or more. But for every overnight success there was thousands of hours dedicated to mastery and for every person that makes it look natural, there were endless late nights of rehearsal.

I had just one week to prepare to deliver the speech of a lifetime

I recall my first time ever taking the stage and it was in front of 1000+ people at a High-Performance conference for business owners in Central London. I had received the opportunity just a week prior and spent everyday rehearsing, videoing myself, awkwardly watching it back, then improving and perfecting my story and speaker skill.

(You can check out the full video here)

From my years spent training with the best in the industry, I have developed my own style and strategy to deliver my message with big impact, which also results in bigger income in my business.

From this I discovered there are three key areas to master if you want to share your message and mission from the stage (virtually or physical).

1) Reconnect with your unique message & mission

What is it you are most passionate to speak about? What difference do you want to make in the world? What type of keynote speech are you expertly positioned to deliver?

2) Create a visibility and communication strategy

Once we have developed your messaging, now we need to devise the strategy you will follow to share it with the world. Your Visibility strategy needs to be tailored to you, your business model, your mission and the impact you desire to achieve.

What platforms will you focus on? What contacts in your network can you leverage to attract new media opportunities? What is the core message you will share? It’s time to ensure you don’t fall into the trap of remaining the world’s best kept secret as there is little impact or income that can be made there.

3) Master your Mindset and Manifestation

Mindset relates to your self-identity and belief system. You could have the world’s greatest strategy but if you don’t see yourself as someone who is capable of speaking on global stages, getting paid to be you and share your unique message, then how will you ever succeed at achieving it?

Investing in your mindset this is key to ensure you have the belief system and self-vision that is aligned with the version of you speaking on global stages and creating the big impact you know you are here to make.

Ready to speak on stage at Forbes & share your message with the world?

I know you are here to do big things and that you have a powerful message to share with the world, so let’s support you in doing that now.

Access full details about these 3 key areas to master and learn how to use them to achieve great results in your own life, by downloading your free speaker training guide HERE This guide breaks down each step and provides you with specific actions to take, to support you in creating real results in your speaking journey.

See you on stage!

If you are ready to get the professional support to take your business and speaking career to a global level so you too can share your message and mission with the world, then book in a complimentary session now where we can discuss how we will support you in achieving exactly that.

Book your call here and we’ll speak soon!

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