Ep 214: How to beat self-doubt and achieve what you want.

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Have you ever experienced self-doubt or had that nagging voice in the back of your mind telling you why you can’t achieve your goals, that you should quit now or that you’re not as good as everyone else?

Time to say bu-bye to that negative voice! On this episode of Make Millions to Impact Millions, I give you 7 strategies you can use to beat self-doubt, feel unstoppable and achieve the big success you want in life.

Grab your journal and get ready to take notes. It’s time to feel unstoppable and create the big results you want!

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To help you jump straight to the points you want to listen to, we have included these time references.

  • 1:15: Someone you would not think had self doubt
  • 2:35: What you can do to overcome self doubt
  • 4:45: My No.1 go-to strategy to overcome self-doubt
  • 6:50: How my time in corporate helped me overcome self-doubt & how to apply this to your life now – creating your catalogue of success and personal hype file
  • 9:40: Mindset hacks to make you feel unstoppable 
  • 12:45: Law of Attraction vs Action; how to use manifestation to remove doubt
    • Unpicking core beliefs that are holding you back & how to transform them 
    • Whose in your inner circle and (what you haven’t been told about equalising success)
    • Taking responsibility, healing past wounds and how both these practices will liberate you.
  • 16:00: The Belief System
  • 21:00: Fears that are associated with your success and how to make it safe
  • 22:00: The people that you’re associating with
  • 25:21: Taking responsibility for your life as the CEO
  • 27:33: It is your own responsibility to do the work to heal
  • 30:40: Recap
  • 35:10: This only works if you do the work

Favorite Quotes:

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  • “Start taking action and see yourself producing results no matter how big or small it is.”
  • “If we have limiting beliefs that are holding us back, we need to really unroot them and replace them with something more empowering.”
  • “Some of your beliefs are there to protect you.”
  • “Live your greatest life. You only have one.”
  • “Check in with who you are surrounding yourself with. It is one of the key to success.”
  • “Take responsibility for your life. You are the CEO, the Leader, and the Director of your own life.”
  • “You are the only person that has the control of your own life. It is your responsibility to create anything that you desire in your life.”

My mission in life is to support more amazing beings like you to create the life and business you dare to dream of. If you would like to feel fully supported on your journey to fulfilling your absolute greatness then be sure to connect with us on instagram @iamlauratynan or check out the business resources we have created for you over at

Here’s to your success + greatness!

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