Ep 220: Becoming the best version of yourself with soulful artist Joanna Gilbert

Make Millions to Impact Millions Podcast interview: Becoming the best version of yourself with soulful artist Joanna Gilbert

Ready to live your most authentic life doing what you love? In this episode, your host Laura Tynan  speaks with the incredible, soul inspiring artist Joanna Gilbert to discuss how to reconnect with your life purpose, develop the mindset to soar even when it feels you’ve hit rock bottom, and what to do to become the best version of you. 

Joanna Gilbert is a London based contemporary abstract artist. Her mission is to ignite purpose and creativity and to connect with others through the message she shares and the art she creates.

Joanna’s work is representative of inner strength, courage and freedom, and everything she paints is interwoven with a rich perspective of life and mental wellness thanks to a deep understanding she has gained from her involvement with iheart; a non-profit dedicated to helping young people uncover their innate mental health.

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2:26: Living a lie and rediscovering your authentic self 

3:14: Her journey on finding her true self

5:02: How did Joanna get into art

6:30: What motivated her to do her master’s degree

8:15: Joanna’s brand – “Nothing to Buy” (We have everything we need inside)

10:41: How did Joanna became involved with Iheart

14:47: What perspectives does she get from Iheart

16:54: The only way to feel security

18:07: The most selfless thing that you can do

18:48: Touching on materialistic things

20:20: What would people see on Joanna’s paintings

22:57: Joanna’s learnings from her journey

24:48: The philosophy that Joanna got from Iheart

27:07: We’re all really are just a part of “one”

29:00: Iheart’s purpose

30:00: Separate realities

34:33: How did Joanna build a business around something that she truly is passionate about? 

39:53: Joanna’s advice for listeners – “Ask yourself first”

Shareable takeaways

“We should be living our most authentic self, we shouldn’t be living a lie.”

“You never need to see the whole staircase, you just need to see the first step.”

“You have the power to make the change in your life and you’re the only person that’s going to do that.”

“Life can throw so many things at us, but I always believe it’s how we look at it, and how we respond to the situations that makes all the difference.”

“The only way that we’re ever going to feel security is from the inside.”

“Focus on yourself first, and fill up your own cup. So then, you can give.”

“That challenge of your life is just a tiny part of a bigger painting of your life.”

“You don’t need to have any label, just think who you are and what you want to do.”

“When you can realize that no one’s better than you and you’re not better than anyone else, life will be so much easier. Because we’re all really just the same.” 

“People really don’t have resistance to change, but they certainly have resistance to BEING changed.”

“Dig deep and take out this ball of fear and just throw it.”

“Just stay true to you and just do what you want to do.”

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