Ep 229: Become an award winning speaker by uncovering how to share your unique message with the world

Episode 229 of Make Millions to Impact Millions the Podcast: This is how to create your unique marketing story that

Welcome to the show, I’m super excited to share with you today’s episode, which is all about how to craft your unique message and share it with the world. So obviously, you know, here we’re all about supporting you to make millions and impact millions. And a big part of that, in my belief is that connecting back to your unique mission, your unique purpose in life, and then fulfilling that sharing that unique message you have. So filling your purpose by using your unique gifts, your talents, out into the world. And so the universe will, you know, provide and support and allow abundance to flow your way to enable you to go and do the mission that you came here to do. I’ve always thought it was so crazy when people think that somehow money isn’t a spiritual practice or a spiritual conversation.

Because in my mind, I’m like, if my Creator, whether you call that God, the universe, whatever term you use, if my Creator gave me, this mission, right, planted this mission inside me, that I have connected with as my bigger purpose for being here, that is linked to the innate gifts and talents that I have within me that I’ve been developing and uncovering and discovering over the years. And I’m pursuing that, and I’m sharing that in the world. And I’m creating platforms, and I’m turning up and I’m, you know, envisioning what it is, I want to create the impact I want to have. And you know, those visions come from a place where do we think they come from, you know, when I’m doing this work? Why would I ever think my Creator would not want to support me with the resources that are necessary to fulfil that.

Now, in today’s world, money is one of those key resources, you know, let’s fast forward a couple of 100 years. And maybe it won’t be money as we see it, maybe there’ll be another tool, but it will be something of value exchange, right. So back in the day, if it was cocoa, I would expect the Creator to allow a big stream of cocoa to flowing way. Or maybe it’s gold today, we don’t even have really cash anymore. It’s more digital, which is another conversation altogether. So where was I going with this is something around, we’re here to support you Yes, to share your unique message, fulfil your life’s mission. And of course, that will allow the flow of abundance to come, which will allow you to not only have an impact by turning up and doing what you came here to do, but also to impact through the financial means that you’ve acquired to support the charities or organisations, the causes, whatever it is, that really resonate with you for a specific reason. Okay, so let’s dive into it.

How do you craft your message and share it with the world?

And I guess the first question is, well, why is this even actually important? So you know, as I’ve highlighted already, like, your message and your heart, what it is you came here to do, and say, is linked with your purpose, your mission and your dharma. Right, like you are attracted to, and passionate about certain things for a reason. I’m passionate about certain things for a reason. And those reasons are linked to in my belief, why we’re here. So if we sit at home, and we just keep all that locked up inside us, and we’re not expressing that we’re not sharing those messages, those, you know, those beliefs, that passion that we have, that will inevitably, you know, create change, spark a movement, maybe change people’s thinking, or, you know, have some positive impact, then, you know, how can we everything that we’re going to be creating, not only a selling live, but a one that, you know, on our own final days, you can say, Yeah, I came here and I lived a life well lived I, I did what I know I was called to do.

And I’m so grateful for that.

So it’s so important that we’re not just, you know, I say just building businesses. It’s incredible work. But equally, that as we’re doing that we’re actually sharing what’s going on inside us like what is that message inside you? Now, if you’re not really too sure what it is for you yet? Or maybe you’re someone who’s like, I know exactly what my message is, then awesome. This is actually for both of you. Because if you don’t know what it is, we’re going to help you like uncover that. If you do know what it is you We’ll help you refine it. And if you don’t know what it is, well, we’ll help you, as I said, create what that message is. And if you already do well, we’ll help you elevate that take that to the next level.

So, you know, I retrained as a professional speaker invested two years, intensively learning all the skills, the strategy, the mindset, the energy work around, you know, standing on a stage with impact, and delivering a message with true influence. If you follow me on social media, you will see I’m doing more and more around this, but like, reclaiming the word influencer to what does it truly mean to influence. And you know, it has been kind of hijacked by Instagram and social media, which is fine, there’s a place for that too. But the influence, I’m talking about the influence errs, I really want to connect with our souls, like you who are impact driven, who are building purpose businesses, because they want to make a difference, they want to make a change, that their business probably sparked out of a desire to create a change in the world.

I’ve worked with clients who were incredible artists, and they like paint emotions in their art, and they use it to create joy and spark creativity in people’s lives and, you know, bring people together. And that is a beautiful way of living out your purpose in life in a very unique way. And that’s their purpose. That’s their mission, that the impact they’re here to create. Equally, I’ve worked with, fashion designers who are all about slow fashion and want to, you know, challenge the industry norms, and, you know, promote fair and equal wages, and, you know, slow down fashion, so we’re not damaging people and the planet. Again, someone else following their purpose, their passion and sharing that message of change. And that’s how their business was built.

So, the word influence is about exactly that.

It’s tuning in to your purpose, your mission, getting clear on what that is, from which your message, your unique messaging evolves, and then speaking up, be seen be heard, and having the confidence to do that, which I know is not always the easiest thing, you know, and we won’t cover it on today’s episode, but it is something that you want to delve into was around which wounds and sisterhood wounds, because it is something really real, like, if if we have cellular memory, and there was a period in our history, where women were persecuted for speaking out for sharing their gifts, you know, being intuitive, then this which wound is is something real, that, you know, at least I believe that has been passed down.

And there’s a reason so many women are afraid to speak to be heard.

Right. So that’s really one of the big pieces of my mission. One big part of my mission is to support even more women to learn the strategies and the tools. And the the way that they can share their message, craft their message and share it with impact and influence. Because you know, whether you’re looking at Oprah or Michelle Obama, or any big speakers, even Sheryl Sandberg, like any of the big names, you may think of who are incredible speakers, like they’re doing very specific things, they didn’t just get up there and naturally have this incredible impact and influence, like they’re following certain strategies and doing certain things to support them to do that, which we’re going to be sharing with you. And so make sure you stay to the end also and listen to the end because I will share with you an additional resource that you can download and get access to, you know, everything I’m going to talk about here but in more depth, including exercises and tools to really support you to deep dive in this.

Okay, so crafting your message and sharing with the world. How many times am I gonna say impact you influence in this episode? Lol!

So we’re gonna look at three really key steps right to share your message globally to attract media attention, speak on international stages, like, you know, Forbes.

And to do that it really does require you to reconnect with your mission and then implement the strategy and the mindset. And I would add the energetics around it right to attract the right opportunities.


This is fundamental to this whole process, right because there’s no point telling you or sharing with you or teaching you how to stand on a stage and deliver if you don’t know what you’re delivering.

Of course has to be, reconnect with your unique message and your unique mission. And once you do that, it’s actually quite transformational. In the sense, it’s very empowering, because you know, who you are, what you’re about, and what you have to say. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re speaking to corporates, or big businesses, or charities, or online, offline podcasts, stages, wherever, like, you know what you want to say, and you know, what you believe. And you know, what your truths are, right, you know, what your message is, like, no matter where I go and speak today, like, I know what my message is, I know, I’m here to support even more women to become financially empowered by learning how to connect back and share their unique message to be seen and heard in a big way.

And I support them in doing that by building purpose led businesses, by mastering the tools of manifestation to support them on the journey, and to really master the art and science of public speaking and media training. You know, so they’re the tools I use. So I have the the mission, the vision of what I’m creating, and then I have the tools underneath of what I use to support women to achieve that, right. So it doesn’t matter who I’m speaking to, or where I’m speaking, and what platform like that message is always consistent.

And here’s why that is so important, because then you begin to become an expert, an expert, or an authority, or the go to person in your specific industry. But if you don’t know what you’re about, if you don’t know what your unique messages are, what you’re the one to go to, to speak on. And How will anybody else? And How will anybody else known to ever come and ask you to invite you and share your message, if no one really knows what it is?

You know, and that’s something that a lot of people don’t know, is that the opportunity for me to speak at Forbes came about because I was consistently saying the same thing again, and again, whether it was meeting people networking events, or posting on my LinkedIn at the time, I wasn’t so big on Instagram, and, you know, posting on social media and meeting people and events. Speaking with, you know, colleagues, with business people, like it was always the same thing, which was, you know, gender equality, female empowerment, it’s what I’m about, I’m here to support even more women to rise to their full potential.

And by doing that, it became known in that space. And that’s how the Forbes opportunity came around. Like today, we see so many people are getting listed on different things. And so often, a lot of those are paid for which, you know, no discredit to them. Like I understand the game that everyone’s playing as well in the industry that we’re in, we need visibility. And if you want to pay to get media, exposure, like more power to you, awesome. But there’s also another way, and this is the approach I’ve taken, which is Get clear on your messaging, know what your unique message is, and then start turning up everywhere you are and sharing that same message again, and again. And again.

So once you’ve like tuned back in and connected with your message, or actually before, before I move on, let me just ask you a couple of questions, because you may be sitting here going “Alright, great. What do I do? I’m so let me just ask you three questions, and then have a think about it after this podcast, maybe grab your journal.” We do have really cool journals actually called the make millions to impact million journals, I think they’re absolutely gorgeous. And I use them for all my journaling. So they are available if you want to grab one of those journals join the community.

So three questions I would ask you is:

1) What are you truly passionate about? So you know, no matter where you are, in your journey, like, still answer these questions because you’re constantly evolving as a human being. Things change, they may have a new fine tuning point in a given experiences. So what are you truly passionate about? Maybe it’s not the same as what it was before. But what are you truly passionate about?

2) Second question would be What do you feel? What do you feel supremely qualified in to help others with?

3) And then the third question, I might give you four, If you had to give a keynote speech tomorrow, what would you talk about? Because this is a funny thing, anytime I work with someone who is getting ready for event or wants to become a speaker, or wants to, you know, learn how to master this skill for their business. And I say okay, well if you were gonna get ready and speak Tomorrow for about what would you do and they get really stressed. And they think about like, I have to write everything down. And I have to, like, make all these things. I don’t know. And I’m like, Okay, well think about it. When you’re writing things down, when you’re making your notes like it’s coming from inside you like it’s already there, you’re getting that from inside. So the thing that you’re can most easily speak about as is most is more than likely, the thing that is your message, what you are most naturally gifted and aligned with sharing. And so what would your keynote speech tomorrow there? What’s your big TEDx talk on me?

4) And finally, I would say, you know, if you could say, so if you could leave one message with the world? What would it be? Like if there was meant to be one thing to be said about you for the rest of time? And that was it? What would you want it to be? Like? What would you want to be known for? Right? So what are you passionate about? What would you feel supremely qualified to teach about? What would tomorrow’s TEDx or Keynote be? And what do you want to be known for? Like, what’s that legacy?

The Key Speaker Strategies

Okay, so there’s some tips to help you on crafting your unique message.


Next step, step number two is, of course, you know, now that you know what your message is, like, how are you going to get it out there? How are you going to get people to know that that’s who you are, that’s what you’re about. And what this comes down to is having a very clear visibility and communication strategy. Now, this is really important so that you don’t become the world’s best kept secret. So I always remember sitting at this event on years back, and one of the speakers on stage said, I know there are people in this room with a big message to share with gifts with talents, that could help so many people impact lives, create this big change.

You’re sitting here as the world’s best kept secret.

And it really hit me, I’ll be honest, because I thought, damn it, like, when someone calls you out in something, and you’re like, I know, I mean, I know. I’m passionate about this. I know, it’s important. I know, it could be impacting lives, it could be making a difference. I could be fulfilling what I know was my true mission and purpose in life. But I’m not. And it’s like, oh, okay, well, alright, you couldn’t be staying there and happy to be the world’s best kept secret all you want. Or you can get uncomfortable, step into the unknown, and, and start sharing your message. So the truth is, no matter how incredible you are, how fantastic you are, like, no one’s going to come knocking at your door and be like, Hey, I just had a feeling that you may be incredible and could have a really big message to share. Am I right? Like, if someone comes knocks on your door and has that hunch in there, right? Like, please let me know. But chances are, it’s not gonna happen, right? You need to be the one putting out that message yourself. So you know, ask yourself, like, what am I doing right now to actually share that message? So maybe you’re not clear on it yet? And that’s fine. You haven’t been actively doing it. But do step one.

And then ask yourself now what am I going to do? How am I going to share that message? Is it starting a podcast? Is I’ve been a guest speaker on podcasts? Is it starting my own events? am I sharing this message on my social media? And, you know, how am I connecting with other people in my industry? Like, do the people that I think, need to know what I do? Do they know what I do? Like, do people know what I’m about? If someone wants to say, oh, you know, so and so, oh, they’re the expert in X or they’re all about Y. Like, do people know that about you? And if not, what are you going to do to change it? So the beautiful thing about creating your visibility strategy as well, is that each single step you take is a stepping stone for something else.

The beautiful thing about when you get clear on what your message is and you start turning up and sharing it, really incredible opportunities begin to flow your way. Now we haven’t touched on the energetics and how you can actually intentionally start manifesting more of those. But trust me when I say when you start turning up, and you are aligned with your unique purpose and passion and mission. Like it’s like the stars aligned and opportunities just come your way, like that opportunity to speak at Forbes. I felt like a dropped out of the sky and landed in my lap.

Now, truth is, I had been doing the work I had been doing back in corporate around gender equality speaking at events, you know, I had been in the Financial Times and Yahoo Finance, like I had a certain level of visibility already, but to speak at Forbes, for me was like a next level opportunity. And then of course, you have to know when you’re there, how are you going to turn up how you’re going to deliver. And they did.

And from that, I got invited to speak at the Forbes Superwoman summit in Vienna, and to collaborate with the Forbes China team to support their female entrepreneur, community, or entrepreneurial community as well. So opportunities lead to opportunities. Um, so sometimes it can feel very overwhelming, like, Okay, this is where I am today.

But you know, how do I get to speak in big stages with a TEDx talk? Or, you know, the top 10 podcast? Or, like, how do I bridge that gap?

And my answer is take the first step.

So maybe right now, it’s starting to do reels, maybe right now it’s turning up live on, I don’t know, Instagram TV, if that’s even so much of a thing. Or maybe it’s like, Okay, I’m going to start a podcast, and we have a podcast course, if you’re interested, we can support you with that one, too. Um, but it’s taking the first step, right?

So what am I actually going to do to start sharing my message with the world? So ask this of yourself, like, how can I get my message out there and reminding yourself like, Okay, right now, there is someone in this world, okay. And when I heard this piece of advice, it literally changed my life. So right now there is someone in this world who needs to hear the message that you have within you.

But they need to hear it from you in the way that you speak, in your energy with your unique experience. And there are people that literally cannot receive that message from anybody else.

Now, don’t stress you don’t need to go and find the person. But it’s set up in a way that you’re you have this desire to share a message because someone has a desire to receive it, someone needs to hear something. Like it even happened to me today, I got a phone call from a fellow speaker, who shared with me some insights, like we hadn’t even planned to talk today, shared with me some insights that literally helped me create or make a decision that I had been back and forth on was something I didn’t have clarity on. And I said to the universe, give me a sign helped me come up with clarity for this. For this decision. I don’t know which side to go on it. Should I say yes or no. The phone call came in. This guy shared his insights, his message, what he’d been doing, and like that I had absolute clarity in that moment.

So the reason I share this is that right now, you may be preventing yourself from training up because you don’t feel like it’s perfect. You don’t feel like you’re ready, or for a million other reasons. But my point is share the message, someone needs to hear it. So get out of your own way. Right? Stop being selfish with your message. The world needs to hear it right the world and especially someone needs to hear that message you would not have the desire, or that urge to share it if that wasn’t true. So always remember, the only reason I have this desire to do this thing or to share this thing is because there’s a reason that these aren’t random, there’s a reason.


Okay, so step a three so we know what our message is, now you know what your message is? Now, you know, what are some of the platforms you want to use to share that message and how you’re going to do that. Step three is actually beginning to look at mindset and manifestation. Now, each of these topics, we can break down an entire podcast series on individually. But for the purposes of today’s show, if you’re out for a walk, we’re not going to make you walk in London to hear the rest of this. We’re going to group them together. Okay, so when we look at mindset, really what I’m talking about here is the stories that you’re telling yourself, right? This is why I love storytelling and teaching other business owners and women around storytelling because it’s such a twofold conversation I have a there’s a story we tell the world which is our mission or purpose. I you know our business, why why we do what we do.

There’s that story of impact.

And then there’s the stories we tell ourselves and this the mindset piece.

And the reason this is so important to begin to deconstruct and tune into is for this reason. If you have a story saying that:

  • Who would want to listen to me anyway?
  • Why would anyone want to listen to me?
  • What what do I have to say?
  • What value can I add?
  • What if people make fun of me?
  • What if people judge me?
  • What if dot dot dot,

…Then you’re never going to get on stage and speak, you’re never going to turn up online and share your message. Because you’re always going to live in a place of fear and doubt, right? So that internal story is going to dictate your results. If, however, you change that story, and you say, which is something I always tell myself, if I can impact just one person, by sharing this message, I’ve done my job, I’ve done my work, I’m a success, this event was a success, one person, right, there’s one life. And I’m always amazed when I’m thinking about posting something, you know, even just a simple post, and I’m like, Oh, I don’t know if I should post this. And I say, okay, get out of your way. Just share it for whatever reason, you feel like you need to share it. So just do. And it’s usually those messages that get the comments or the DMs to say, Oh, my God, I really need to hear that right now. And every time that happens, it’s a reminder, even for me to be like, get out of your own way. Stop telling yourself these, like bullshit stories of you know, what will people think? Like, just say it, just share it.

And you know, people aren’t really thinking about you anyway, they’re usually thinking about themselves and what other people are thinking about them. So I think we can all relax if people aren’t thinking about us as much as I think we give him credit for. So the first thing to really tune into, obviously, when it comes to sharing your message is your mindset, right? Becoming aware of what stories you’re telling yourself. And the best way to do this, or one way to do this, is think about right now, if I said, here’s a mic, here’s a camera, go speak, share your message. Right? Okay. Once you stop, like, once you can come back to the room, and you’re not stuck in fear. Like, what’s the initial thing that’s coming up for you? Like, what is that story?

That initial belief that I’ve like, Oh, my God, I don’t want to say, is it? I’m not ready. I’m not prepared. You know what? People think of me? Oh, there’s way better speakers out there.

There’s “this isn’t me. This isn’t for me. I’m not ready yet. I’m not, you know, I don’t have a big enough following. I haven’t been in business long enough. There’s people that know this better than I do. I don’t know enough yet.”

Right. So there’s all these disempowering stories that can come up, like half of them are mine, half of them are probably from clients, and what tuning into what are those stories, and then beginning to start working through them. So I will do another episode, I’m gonna make a notice to talk through how you actually go about doing that in terms of shifting beliefs, especially around this because being seen being heard, is imperative for you, in your business, to fulfil that life mission, that purpose, to create the impact that you came here to have. And also to, like, deconstruct some of the old barriers that have been there. For women, for the longest time, it’s like, I literally just want to see more women of impact of influence, sharing their message being seen and heard in a big way, creating a massive impact thriving and business, making their own money so they can make their own decisions. And all that good stuff, all that good stuff. So what did I want to say in this one?

So around the mindset, the storytelling piece, I wanted to share one final story, just to really highlight you know why this was so important.


About a year ago, I was asked to speak at an event like, you know, 11 hours later, right? It was this big event virtual event in front of about 1000 people. Now, even though I’ve spent all this time, all this money, I’ve invested tonnes into my own journey. As a speaker. I still had this fear come up. And this thought was, oh, I’m not ready. You know, I’m not ready for this. This is too short notice. And the crazy thought was, this platform that I would be speaking on is too big. Right now. I want to take that opportunity when I feel ready. Right? I’ll take I’ll say next. Yes, the next time. Next time that opportunity comes up 100%. I’ll say yes. But I just don’t feel ready yet for an opportunity of that size. Because if I’m gonna go and stand on that kind of stage, I want to make sure it’s extraordinary. Right, so that was my initial feeling. Now, thankfully, I do the work I do. And I don’t just teach it. I actually put it into practice. Can you imagine so Oh, I went through my own process of, okay, wait a second, let’s just back up, right. And this is I suppose more in the manifestation space of to manifest the reality that you want, you must turn up as the person you want to become today.

And so I asked myself,

Okay, well, Laura, if you have this mission of impacting millions of people, right in supporting people all around the world if you have this mission of impacting them. Now there is a version of you, let’s say, on the spiritual plane, and energetically, there’s a version of you already achieving that who’s already done that. Now, what would she say in this situation, that version of you, that is confidently standing on stage to 10s of 1000s of people impacting millions of lives all over the world? Like, what would she do in this exact moment? And obviously, it was clear as day she would say, 100%? Yes. 100%? Yeah, of course, come speak. That’s no, that is not even a question.

So I knew I had no and no other choice in that moment, other than to say, 100%? Yes, I’ll turn up. And it made me realise that like, sometimes opportunities like this only to come away once. And of course, you know, create an abundance mindset to know that opportunities are always flowing your way. But you got to say yes, and see what other doors are opens for you, too. And so I share that story. Because perhaps the next time an opportunity comes up for you to share your message, to speak up to be seen to be heard. And that little voice creeps in and says, Oh, not this time, maybe next time, maybe I’ll let someone else do it. They’ll probably do a better job, or oh, I will 100%. But I just need to have more time, or I will next time the next time. Right?

If anytime that little voice creeps in and start saying those things to you. You like quickly shut it down.

Ask yourself, what would the future version of me do in this moment, that version of me that has achieved the goals I want to achieve? What would they say? And if it’s a yes, then you step up, and you walk through that door of fear. And you deliver.

Right. So that’s the message I want to share with you today. So let’s recap on this. So how to craft your message and share it with the world. The three steps, of course, it’s actually connecting back rediscovering or refining that message.

Step two

Of course, have a very clear communication and visibility strategy.

And then step three…

You know, tuning into the mindset manifestation piece. So we focus mostly here today on the mindset around the stories that we tell ourselves, and the importance of actually challenging those and shifting those. So if you would like to learn more about this, I have created a free training guide that you can download right now. And it goes into each of these key areas in much more detail. I’ve also included like exercises, and questions for you to work through to kind of deep dive more into this in a way that we can’t quite do on this podcast. So that’s available for you here:

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Make Millions to Impact Millions the Podcast! Leave us a review on Apple, it would mean the world to me.

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