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Welcome to Make Millions to Impact Millions the home for purpose led entrepreneurs like you who are here to make a big impact in the world. My name is Laura Tynan former finance professional change business coach and award winning speaker, dedicating my life to supporting visionary entrepreneurs like you to master your money and dwell the scene in a big way, and grow it that profitable purpose led business living out of your life mission. In each show, I will be interviewing amazing experts to discuss the strategy, psychology and spirituality of success, all with the aim of supporting you to grow your business even bigger, because I know you were destined to make millions impact millions and share your message and mission with the world. So it’s time for you to get inspired and formed and ignited to take action. Let’s get started.

Hello, beautiful souls. And welcome to another episode of Make millions to impact millions. I’m here in my home garden because you’ll know if you know me from online that I love being surrounded by nature, so I tend to bring nature inside. So today, I want to share with you a very personal experience that came up. And it brought me so much peace and inside and calm that I really wanted to discuss this with you because I know for sure I’m not the only person who has is experiencing this will experiences again, I know there’s so many others, listening right now that will benefit from this. And what we’re going to talk about today is the importance of the entrepreneurial journey and realising what it is that you’ve signed up for, especially for you purpose driven souls, because I know and I hear this so many times, I’m not just in it for the money, like, of course, the luxury yacht sounds amazing. But that’s not why I’m here.

That’s not why I’m doing this. I’m in it because I want to make an impact, I want to make a difference. I want to create a change in the world, I want to help others. And so sometimes it can be so challenging when things aren’t going according to your plan. And to kind of come to terms with that, because it’s not just money making, you know, in your heart that as you’re out there making a big difference, making an impact and serving the money, the money will be a byproduct of that. And the flow of abundance into your life will be in direct proportion to the level of impact that you’re able to make. So today, I want to delve into some key things share some key nuggets to take away and implement into your life and your business right now, some very important and strong mindset shifts.

So this is for those of you that of course, on the entrepreneurial journey may be riding that high wave or maybe riding the low wave. And the first thing I want to share with you is this signing up to be a business owner or to be an entrepreneur, it means that you sign up to the whole journey. And that includes the highs, the lows, the celebrations, the failures, the wins, the losses, the excitement, the self doubt, the incredible sense of power and achievement, and the incredible sense of what the fuck am I doing, which of course comes up as well. So I think it’s really important to highlight this because I have fallen into this trap myself where we look online, you look on social media, and it looks like everyone who has just started a business is absolutely thriving in a millisecond. And yes, people can achieve quantum results. I’ve experienced it myself, I’ve seen my clients experience it. Like it is possible to manifest big things in short periods of time. But it’s not a constant thing. And here’s why this is important to highlight is that when things are going, you know, we’ll say wrong or not according to your plan, or it feels like it’s hard or challenging.

Like that’s actually part of the journey. It doesn’t mean that things are going wrong or that you’re not good enough. So just remember, I think this is the most important piece is that in the moment when it feels hard when it feels scary, or when it feels too much. Remind yourself I signed up for this. And just those five words. To remind yourself I signed up for this is to acknowledge that I know the journey is not always going to be easy. But that is not a signpost to say quit. It’s not a signpost to tell me that what I’m doing isn’t good or what I’m doing isn’t right or that it will never work. It is not a signpost to say turn back do something you know jump into a different industry change your whole model, like it is a sign to say you’ve signed up for this journey. And don’t just think a fly come in, that you’ve signed up for this journey. And this is part of it. And so for me just acknowledging that and realising, oh, this was part of the journey, then it just makes it so much easier to accept where you are in that moment in your business.

So remembering, I signed up for this, I asked for the uncertainty. And I said yes to risk taking, because you wouldn’t be running a business, you wouldn’t choose to become a business owner and entrepreneur, if what you craved was certainty, right? So you signed up to all the success, the freedom, the impact, the excitement that comes with entrepreneurship. And so what I was saying was, like you signed up to the success, the freedom, the impact, the excitement that comes with entrepreneurship, but it also means that you signed up for the journey that includes self doubt, the critics, the pendulum swinging from finally this is such a funny episode, there’s like a million things coming my way. But you, and maybe this is actually part of the journey, realising what I’m teaching, as I’m teaching it. But you signed up for the pendulum swinging from Yes, finally, I’ve

nailed it, everything is working, it’s going according to plan to then shit, it’s not working anymore. What used to bring in money, what used to attract clients, what used to bring me success, that’s not working anymore for me. And it’s time to reinvent, reinvent, again, like, this is the journey. And guys, this was the biggest mindset shift for me. When I realised that I’m a success in my business at every single stage. I am a successful entrepreneur at every single stage, and I’m becoming more and more every day, right? So even in the days a week, sometimes months, where it was like, what the hell this isn’t working? Like, why is this not working out for me? What’s going wrong? And there were moments I will get into the cycle of like, Oh, what am I doing, I obviously, I’m just not good at this story. I don’t know why everyone else can do it. And I can, right, you can get sucked into that negative cycle. But when I realised, oh, this is actually part of the journey.

This is just part of the journey that everyone experiences. So cool. I am a successful entrepreneur. And as part of that journey, I’m learning how to overcome these challenges that every business owner and entrepreneur will face, like how to attract your soul clients, how to build your visibility, how to build your personal brand, how to get all the systems and structures in place, so that you can step back and enjoy what you do in your business. Hiring the right team, having the challenges of hiring the wrong team, making investments that don’t pay off making investments that do taking those scary decisions to make more investments, even when it feels like your money is running low. Right. It’s all actually part of the journey. And I just keep on reiterating this because I know there’s someone listening right now. And maybe it’s universal. But I know someone’s listening right now who is in that done cycle, and needs to hear this to remind you that it’s not wrong, like stick on the journey, persist, keep committing, keep turning off, and then seek out help.

Right, of course, I do what I do, because I’m so passionate about it. And I love supporting others and sharing my wisdom from my own personal experience, and my knowledge from you know, over a decade of studying and training and rectifying and, you know, investing in myself and my practice. So of course, I’m always going to be excited to welcome people into my academies, I can firsthand, you know, be there to support you. But I’m also aware, I’m not for everyone and not everyone’s going to want to send them to an academy or not everyone’s going to be at that place where they’re ready for it yet. So I just also want to remind you is like, you don’t have to do this alone. And you shouldn’t like, you know, whether it’s signing up to work with a coach, whether it’s joining a group coaching programme, doing private coaching, joining a networking group, finding a community of like minded people, people that are playing the game at your level and beyond, like, get around people that can support you, and guide you, because trying to figure it all out yourself.

I mean, you can and may get there, but it’s just going to take so much longer, and it’s going to involve a lot more Dears, so get the support around you faster. So yeah, to reiterate that look, when it gets hard, and it feels like it doesn’t work so well anymore, that it’s not a sign that you’re not good or that you should quit. It is a sign that you are an entrepreneur and you need to do what entrepreneurs do, which is get creative about how to solve the problem. Take risks, trying out new things, walking into the eye of the storm and being prepared For this might all go ass up. And remembering that even if it does, you still win, you still win because you had the courage to take the risk, you’ve stepped in to the eye of uncertainty in that space of uncertainty.

And at least you’ve learned something. Inaction brings nothing, but more inaction and more frustration. Taking action, even if it doesn’t work out, as planned, at least brings you a learning. It shows you what didn’t work and shows you what you can do next time. It has given you the sense of confidence to go I can do this, I thought it was going to be really scary. But you know what, I survived it. And now I know what to do better next time. So when you take that risk, and if it doesn’t pay off, as you imagined, at least you learned, you know, and one of the biggest mindset shifts, I have one client, specifically, who always reminds me that this alone changed everything for her and her business. Was these words. What if it all turns out exactly as you imagined, or, even better? Right? So when we think, and I’ll give you an example.

So going back about a year ago, I was looking to host some events. And it felt really scary at the time, not because running events felt scary, that part I could do in my sleep, I love being onstage, I loved being in front of people, I love being in front of a live audience, and engaging with you like personally and connecting and feeling your energy and looking into the whites of your eyes. And, you know, seeing you and being there in person, I love that. I’ve trained as a professional speaker. So I know how to structure a powerful event that will transform beliefs and will keep people engaged. That part I love. The part that I found really challenging was the marketing the logistics, this, you know, the how do I actually go about planning this, that was just like, not the favourite thing for me to do. And so I remember having a conversation late one night with my mom. And I was like, Oh, I’m thinking about running this event. But I don’t know, like, I mean, there’s so many other things that could be investing money into and like, what if people don’t turn up and I don’t know, like, how it’s going to work out, I’m gonna just be a waste of money.

And maybe it’s just keep doing what I’m already doing like online. And she looked at me, like the light bulb in my life, that she is reminding me always of my truth. And she said, Laura, and that’s not what you signed up for. You chose to become an entrepreneur, you chose this path, you chose to be in a place where you need to make, take risks and make risky decisions. And you know what? You go and you do it. And your worst case scenario is you learned and you learn what you can do better next time. You know, and maybe I share this wisdom, because it’s what she’s shared with me. But what if it works out as you planned? And I thought, God, well, that would be incredible. But what if it works out even better? And that’s fucking amazing. And it’s just these small nuggets, that of wisdom that just shift your mindset and your perspective so dramatically. And it’s like, in that moment, it’s like, oh, okay, now I know what to do.

So my mom is like, Laura, you will learn absolutely nothing. By sitting on the couch in a place of indecision or inaction. You know what to do? Right. And the amount of times she’s just looked at me blank in the eye, as she always does is she is my most honest supporter and critic. Critic, maybe not the right word, but she’s my most honest supporter, she looks me in the eye. And she’s like, You know what to do? Like, what would you tell one of your clients right now? And then she just calls bullshit, and all the stories that I’m telling myself, and I’m like, okay, yes, I do know what to do. Thank you.

So the other thing I wanted to say, so kind of a third final key takeaway from today, is on this entrepreneurial journey, a question that’s always really helped me asking is, you know, you have goals right now, right. So, as you’re sat here, there’s things you want to achieve things you want to manifest. You know, there’s a vision you’ve created. If you don’t have a vision board, I highly recommend them. I’m looking at mine right now. But there’s things on your vision board that you want to create. And here’s the magic of this is that those desires that you have, you wouldn’t have them in your heart. If you also didn’t have the ability to fulfil them and to achieve them. It’s why we all have different desires. It’s why that the minute you achieve one thing, something new comes in to your space of awareness, and there’s new desires and new things you want.

Because you like move to another level. And from that level, from that new peak on the mountain, you can see things differently. You have a different viewpoint, and now you have maybe greater bigger and more challenging goals and visions. You want to create what you want not receive the impulse to think and have the desire to have that goal, or to achieve that goal or to manifest that thing. If you didn’t within you have the ability to achieve it.

So here is the third key question I would want you to ask yourself, in the moment when it feels challenging when it feels hard when it feels scary or too much. What would the version of me that is living the reality of that vision board? What would they do? Now? That I’m telling you, that is a fastest way to collapse timelines to quantum leap into the future version you want to become, and to manifest the things that you want, even faster. So what would a future version of me do in this moment? Okay, so let’s recap on everything that we’ve covered here. Because this is powerful stuff. Like, if you haven’t got this, then come back and listen to this again. Because what I’ve shared here is literally transformational. If you can take this on board, embody it and implemented, it will change your frickin life, not just in your business, but in every aspect of your life. So when things are going hard, or scary, or too much or feels overwhelming, or you need to make a new decision and move to a new level in your business, here’s what you do. Remind yourself. I signed up for this, I signed up for this, I signed up for the uncertainty for the challenge for the roller coaster for the pendulum swinging, I signed up for this. And when it’s not going on course, it doesn’t mean I can’t do it. It’s not a sign of my inability or inadequacy. It’s a sign that I need to do what I signed up for it and be an entrepreneur and find a new solution, find a new approach to solve this problem and then move forward.

Second question is, what if it all works out exactly as I imagined, for better. And so often, we don’t take action, we’re stuck in this place of inaction and indecision, because we have this fear coming up. Well, if I make that investment, and it doesn’t pay off, or if I sign up to that course, and it doesn’t pay off, or if I do this, and it doesn’t pay off. What, what if you just began to change your mindset and think, Well, what if I signed up to that Academy? High? And I achieved the results exactly as I desired or dreamed of? Like, what if that actually was my reality? Then? How would my life look? How would my life transform? But what actually if I signed up and I achieved things even better than I could imagine? How would that transform my life right now. And the third and final piece is to ask yourself in any moment, when you’re feeling stuck, or indecisive, or you’re struggling with something, is what would the future version of me do in this moment? And I promise you with immediate resolve, you will know your answer. So that is it there the three key questions, these transformational mindset shifts, powerful questions, to ask yourself to literally transform anything you’re going through in your business in your life.

So now it’s time for you dear soul, to take that on board, embody it implemented into your life now and continuing in your amazing journey ahead. And it is time for you to soar. Because the world needs you and your gifts expressed into this world you were given those visions and desires as I said, Because you have the ability to fulfil them and you’re given them for a reason. And the world needs you to step in to that zone and that arena of discomfort and fear and fulfil the destiny you came here to have. So as always, I would love to hear your feedback on this one it would mean the world to me for you to leave a review on Apple podcasts. I read every single review and even better screenshot and tagged me on social media. It’s @iamLauraTynan is my social media on Instagram, and Tiktok which I’m relatively new to I finally got on the train. But it will be amazing.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this and of course always reach out and let me know are there other topics that you want to hear about? What else are you feeling challenged with? What do you need support on more guidance, more insight. We are here to support and serve you and I will link more about the Message for Millions Academy down below. Of course if you feel called to that. Go check it out. It’s truly transformational space. It’s a 90 day experience a journey through strategy, spirituality and the most incredible sisterhood.

And in the meantime, as I said, Go soar, go shine your light, step into your truth, do the scary things because I know you can send in you lots of love.

My friend I hope you enjoyed the show if you found this valuable, and be sure to subscribe so that you’ll be the first to know every time we release a new episode. And if you’ve not already done so, then go check out my website, Laura And check out the resource page where we have a tonne more amazing resources available for you to download as our gift to you. So whether you want to grow your business, manifest more money, or speak on stages like Forbes and be seen in a really big way, and we’ve got you covered. I can’t wait to welcome you into our community and support you on your journey to make millions and impact millions

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