Make Millions and
Impact Millions?

This is the ultimate course to grow your business and embody the role of CEO (not employee), manifest with ease, master your money & finances, and share your unique message with the world...
Because I know you have a big mission to fulfil, and now is your time!

So the only question is, are you ready to...


Imagine following a simple step-by-step formula that you know with certainty will support you in achieving the results you desire.

How much easier will it be taking the guess work out of your progress and instead following a tested formula that will support you in mastering your business, embodying your role as CEO, becoming a money magnet and Manifestation Queen, and sharing your message with confidence & clarity; whether speaking on global stages, hosting your Podcast or publishing your best selling book. 

Sound good?

But it will require you to take ownership of your results, believe in yourself & take aligned action...

You can achieve your wildest dreams

"Laura gives you the tools needed to move to the next level of your life, whatever you are working towards."

- Claire, tech entrepreneur

Here's What You Need:

More time for you

Step into the role of CEO and create the business you dreamed of when you started. Say goodbye to stress & struggle and yes to more success with more ease.

create the results you deserve

You're tired of playing small when you know you can be, do and create so much more! Delve into the epicness of this course and ask any questions you have along the way. You don't need to do this alone. We've got you covered!

a roadmap to success

Remove the guess work & replace it with a proven formula for you to grow your business with more ease, master your money, become a manifestation magnet, and a global powerhouse; sharing your message with the world.
Having spent 10+ years studying business strategy, personal development and energetic alignment, and invested north of £170k...I know now what works best.

Make Millions to Impact Millions is my signature course, my online baby that I have poured my heart, soul and over £170k into creating. I have spent the past 10 years working with multi-millionaires, learning from personal development & manifestation masters, and training with public speaking pros; so I could bring all of their strategy, insights and success formulas together in one place to support you achieving phenomenal success; without having to wait 10 years or invest almost 200k!

The Best Course Ever


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Module One

- As the Leader, you must first master yourself before you master your Business.
- Set yourself up for success each day and win before the world awakes. Learn the tools, strategies and life hacks of the world's most successful CEOs & business owners, so you can achieve more, in less time, with more ease.
- ​Discover the rituals, routines and productivity habits to install to create consistent energy, focus and clarity AND avoid the biggest source of failure for any business owner; burn out, overwhelm and destructive stress.
​- Learn how to switch off from work & implement healthy boundaries, so you can be present to enjoy all aspects of your life. It's about creating massive success, without sacrificing your health, relationships or happiness.
- In this module you learn how to master your day and become resilient & agile to any challenges that come your way. Remember, each day joins to become your life so, it is essential to implement these key foundations from the start.


phase 1: Master you

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- Success is 80% Psychology & 20% Skill
- Every action you take (or don't take) in your business stems from your thoughts, your belief system and the lens you hold on the world.
​- I share with you my A.I.M. Framework which will empower you to follow through on the goals you set, build incredible resilience, and build a business that is as financially rewarding as it is emotionally fulfilling.
- In this module you’ll learn the neuroscience of success and how to excel in any situation, no matter what the environment.


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Module Three

- Learn the Energetics of High Performance
S- ky rocket your success by mastering the Universal Laws of Attraction & Manifestation.
- Access the teachings of the worlds greatest leaders and experts in quantum manifestation, laws of attraction and principles of manifestation.
​- Learn how to apply and integrate the tools and insights that will support you achieve by working more effectively, not more hours. 
- In this module you’ll get laser focussed on the Universal processes of creation and manifestation.

Your business is a direct reflection of where you are emotionally, mentally & energetically. So, it is paramount that our first step is to focus on supporting you to feel your absolute best & like the Queen you are! You're no cookie so I'm not giving you a cookie cutter approach; what I am sharing is a system that works for you to take & adapt to your life.

phase 1: Master you

Having spent the better part of a decade working in Corporate Finance advising multi-million dollar companies I love all things strategy & totally geek out on your financials, sales & marketing. Let's support you with the systems & structures to ensure you soar & accomplish all you came into this world to do.

phase 2: Master your business

Don't be the worlds best kept secret. You are here to make a big difference in the world. Let's master your Visibility Strategy; launch & grow your Podcast, write your Best Seller, become a Pro Speaker & share your message around the world

phase 3: master your Mission

How it works

This course is created in 3 unique phases...

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Module Four

- Stand out from the crowd & make competition irrelevant
- In this module you'll reconnect with your Superpowers and design a life you truly love! 
- Ever set a goal that you didn't follow through on? This module will quickly become your new BFF! 
​- Reconnect with your unique superpowers, your values, your strengths, that X Factor that makes you stand out & builds your community of raving fans. 
​- Win by playing YOUR game and make competition irrelevant. 
- Get clarity on what your greatest life looks like then design your life and business to be fully aligned so you can success in all areas. Succeeding in business to the detriment of all other areas can never create lasting success.
- In this module you’ll reconnect with your power of drive and motivation, realign with your mission and propel yourself forward by learning how to stay in your zone of genius (and outsource the rest)

phase 2: Master your business

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Module Five

- Clarifying your ICA, messaging that sells and brand positioning 
- This module is the key to building a business with. consistent sales.
- Go through an in depth process of discovering & reconnecting with your ideal client, their challenges, desires and how you can best serve them.
​- Clarify your messaging and elevate your brand positioning so your ideal clients know you are the only option for them.
 - In this module you’ll get crystal clear on your ideal client and unique selling point so your messaging resonates directly with your ideal client & your business quickly becomes the only option for them.

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Module Six

​- Selling is Serving. You are here to make a big impact in the world and given that Sales are the life force of a profitable business, this module will have you delving into the strategy and psychology of sales that best work for you.
​- You will learn how to have your potential client selling themselves into your business, so all you need to do, is show up fully and support them in saying 'Yes' to their own desires.
- There are many ways to approach selling; direct B2C, B2B, Organic & Paid social media, website optimisation, community building, market positioning and network utilisation.
- Once you complete this module, you will be clear on which sales strategy is right for you.
- In this module you’ll create a community of raving fans that adore and want to buy from you.

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Module Seven

A recent poll I ran showed that the majority of you find social media content creation overwhelming. In this module, I help you take the guess work out and create an easy to follow plan that ensures you use Social Media effectively, and it doesn't end up using you.
- Learn the 5 P's of Content Creation; Platform, Persona, Proposal, Planning and Principles. 
​- This framework will teach you which platforms are best for your business, how to turn up online and engage with your audience, the types of content to create, the power of batching your work and the key principles to follow (and what to avoid!)
​- Learn how to create content with more ease, that becomes magnetic to your ideal client, and supports you to achieve your business goals.  

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Module Eight

- Master your Money
​- Learn the same Principles Multi-Millionaires & Billionaires use to grow their wealth. In the decade I spent working in the International Corporate world, advising on multi-million-dollar deals, one thing that was very apparent is that when it came to women and money, no matter how intelligent, educated, business minded or ambitious they were, there was a tendency to avoid the topic of money and investing, which in the UK alone, has led to a £15bn investment gap amongst the genders. Time for that to change.
- Learn how to adopt an abundance mindset and rewire old, disempowering money beliefs which are holding you back from achieving the level of financial success you desire. 

teach me plz

Module Nine

- Learn the strategies to increase your money and wealth creation
- Learn the 3 Methods of Making Money and how to implement the one that is right for you.
​- Implement the long term wealth creation strategies that will enable you to earn more money and understand how to invest and grow it so your money begins to work for you.
- This module is all about financially empowering you with the psychology and strategies of both earning more money and building long term wealth.






The results you're going to get:

fall in love with the art of selling & Fill your calendar with your dream clients that make your heart happy.

achieve your goals with ease by learning how the laws of the universe really work. I will share with you what no one else it talking about; the interaction between mind & manifestation



step into the role of ceo, ditch the hustle and adopt the systems & structures to support you scale


How does this sound?

teach me plz

Module Ten

​It is never too early to share your message globally, expand your audience reach, build your network & boost your sales.
- Learn how to start, create, launch and grow your chart topping podcast in just 30 days. I am all about making a big impact in the shortest time possible and this module provides you with a step by step process to go from zero to launch with ease and without being tech savvy! 
​​- I released my Podcast just 2months after starting my business and it launched at No.4 in Entrepreneurship on Apple Podcasts. I will share with you the exact strategy and messaging I used to achieve this. I'm holding nothing back!
​- My mission is to support as many women possible to share their message with the world and create a powerful ripple effect. Podcasting is an amazing way to achieve this.  
- In this 12 part module you learn how to share your Message with the world, 
be seen as an Expert in your industry, grow your business sales with more ease + fun, all through the power of Podcasting.

phase 3: master your mission

teach me plz

Module Eleven

Become a pro speaker & share your message with the world.

Let's focus on positioning you as the Expert in your Industry & sharing your message with a global audience. ​Having trained as a professional speaker, I can share first hand how important mastering this skill is for your business growth. 
​- Hosting your live events, speaking on big ticket panels, keynote addresses at global events; these are all ways to explode your business growth, visibility, brand awareness and create an additional revenue stream.
​- You are here to do big things in the world and sharing your unique message is a crucial part of that. The worlds needs you to be fearlessly visible and boldly shine your light.
- In this module, you will learn how to master the art of storytelling (key for your business), how to confidently present on stage, overcome possible nerves, own the room and speak in front of thousands of people.
This module is all about supporting you to become a master speaker so you can confidently share your message on a global scale and elevate your business and the level of impact you have.

coming soon:
how to write your best selling book & attract global media attention

A year from now you'll
wish you started today....

so let's get started!

"If you have a business idea that might just change the world, Laura is the person who will help you to make it happen!

If you are considering working with Laura, grab the chance. She is a breath of fresh air and a lightning bolt. 
She will jolt you out of your comfort zone, challenge you to think about what you really want from your career and life and support you to change behaviours and thinking patterns that are holding you back."

be bold!

Paula reconnected with her purpose & is now teaching women financial investing

"If you feel stuck in your business at any level, Laura is the one to support you. 

Laura helps you to quickly identify the real problem and work to overcome it so you can make the impact you really wish to make"

Megan reconnected with her true purpose & authentic message

"You became more confident in your business, overcome your fear of failure & prepare the solid foundation for your new business.

Since working with Laura I've made fundamental steps in changing my mindset, developed my business and services. I now clearly understand my client’s & am absolutely confident my business journey."



"It's amazing what I'm manifesting, I'm finding money in the most random places!"

- Jenny

Payment Plan




3 payments of £999

One Payment 

45min kickstarteR coaching session with laura


access to all new content created as part of Make Millions to Impact millions

1 payment of £2,499

best value!

select the plan that works for you:


Make Millions to Impact Millions is a course like no other. It's not just about giving you strategy; as you may know that just makes up 20% of success. It's about equipping you with the skills to embody the CEO in your business, the mindset to continue to succeed despite challenges, the power of Manifestation so you can create big results with more ease, the knowledge to master your money & grow wealth so you never again feel stressed or saying find yourself "yes" to an opportunity for the wrong reasons. It's about supporting you to speak on big international stages, launch your chart topping podcast, write your best selling book and attract big media attention, so you can fulfil your life mission and increase your impact.
Afterall, you and I both know, the only reason you are here is because you know in your heart, you are born to make millions and impact millions. 

You're capable of so much more than you think. But if you're anything like me, you need support to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

Darling, you're in the right place.

Download your guide here!


Want to speak at Forbes? 

Learn how I attract international media attention, speak on big stages like Forbes sharing my message & my mission...and most importantly, how you can too!

Babe, you've got this!

Have a clear actionable plan in place for scaling your business and taking things to the next level. 

Become the CEO of your business by mastering key success habits & getting clear on the goals that will create the greatest reward for you

Master your mindset & success psychology by learning how to set clear intentions & reframe any situation to your benefit 

Become a Manifestation Magnet by learning how the Laws of the Universe really work & how to use them to achieve your big goals, with ease

Be able to clearly articulate what you do and who you do it for on demand confidently

Be booking your ideal clients and working on projects that bring high reward — both financially and creatively.

By the end of this course, you will...


Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a proven roadmap

Fall in love with the art of selling by learning the psychology & strategy of successful soulful selling

Know what to post and what to say on Instagram so you can focus more on your business & sales 

Be able to finally master your money by overcoming limiting beliefs that are blocking the flow of abundance to you

Be able to grow your long term wealth by getting clear on your financial goals & starting your investing journey

Have a chart topping podcast that support you to increase your sales, grow your community & impact more people

Be able to speak on global stages with authority and share your message & business story with confidence

By the end of this course, you will...


" If you're here to do BIG things in the world, then working with Laura will be a gamechanger for you." 

- Jenny

"Laura taught me the importance of speaking my truth and gave me the confidence to take the next step in my business. I released fears that had been holding me back for so long, let go of my limiting beliefs, doubts and finally stepped into who I was always meant to be. ⁣
Laura is amazing at teaching you the business strategies and coaching you through the struggles you have or mindset shifts you need to make through the journey."

“I didn't think it would be worth it. It was. I didn't think it would work for me. It did. I didn't think I'd be *that* success story. I am. ”

- jordan s.

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Imagine for a moment waking up every day, excited because you have created a business that is fully aligned with your unique superpowers and your big world vision. You feel confident and certain about achieving your big goals because you have installed the Millionaire rituals, mastered your success mindset & are a manifestation magnet for all your desire.
You move through your day with ease, felling fully supported by your team, never again worrying about money or what you'll do if it doesn't work out. You're not hoping, you have a sense of deep inner knowing.
You love that you get to connect with incredible human beings from around the world on your chart topping podcast & thrive on the buzz of speaking on big, global stages, sharing your message and creating an impact in a big way. 
Life feels so much more different now, easier, because you have aligned your business to support you, and you have mastered the fundamentals to long term success. 
You are living life by your new mantra; "I am here to make millions and impact millions" and you are on your way to doing just that!

It's time you finally own that and create the business & impact you've always desired

you are here to do big things in the world

I am a Top 10 Podcast host of "Make Millions to Impact Millions" where I interview trailblazing women across all industries, an award winning speaker, speaking on international stages, including Forbes and I'm on a mission to support trailblazing women like you to create true freedom in your life by building profitable, purpose led businesses where you can share your unique message and talents with the world & create a big impact.

Learn more

Just 2 years ago, I was working in a job I knew wasn't my life mission...

These past 24 months I have been on the most incredible journey and a complete rollercoaster. I left a decade of working in corporate finance, retrained as a professional speaker, started my business, coached women from all around the world, launched my podcast at No.4, submitted my book proposal to Hay House, grew personally, professionally and so so much more! 
I invested £170k+ in dozens of courses, attending multiple personal development & business events, working with high ticket coaches and mentors; all so I could learn how to build a business empire, doing what I love, while creating the financial freedom I desired so I could live life fully on my terms and create a lasting legacy in this world.
That is what I am sharing with you here, in one place, for a fraction of the investment. Because you shouldn't have to spend years or invest hundreds of thousands in order to grow a wildly successful business, live out your life mission and create the big impact I know you came here to have.
Darling, I am here to support you. You don't need to do this alone, and you shouldn't want to. This course will meet you exactly where you are and support you to take the next leap to where YOU want to get to!

i know because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

I was frustrated, stressed, lacking clarity and felt in total limbo. I knew I was destined for big things in this world, I was born to create a movement for change, to change the financial landscape for women globally...I was meant for so much more, yet I felt completely stuck.

This course is the only one of its kind because...

it is your one stop shop for success

I have spent the past decade working at the heights of the International Finance industry, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant & advising billionaires; I have invested £30k to learn the art of professional speaking from one of the greats; travelled to Toronto, Florida and beyond to work with world renowned leaders in personal growth and manifestation, worked with multi-million-dollar coaches to learn the best strategies for growing an online business...all so I could learn how to build a business empire, doing what I love, sharing my message on big stages, while creating the financial freedom I desired, so I could live life fully & freely on my own terms and create a lasting legacy in this world. 

That is what I am sharing with you here, in one place, for a fraction of the investment. 

But let's be honest...

A course will only take you so far and you've got to work it to make it work. The truth is I could sell you a magical picture of what is possible; but you and I both know, that you if you don't apply what you learn and put some love & energy into your vision; you will never move the needle in your business or achieve the success I know is available to you. 
This course won't teach you how to build a website, create pretty graphics or run online ads; but that is what your team is for. You are the CEO of your business, not the employee, so we focus on the 3 key phases so you can have the clarity of vision, insight and understanding to scale your business and grow your team. 

Believe in yourself & your vision and let's take this next step together.

This program includes everything you need to live out your life mission, manifest your dreams, make millions and impact millions by sharing your message with the world...

Investing in your dreams and resolving that your business will be a massive success 

Getting the support from someone who has already been there & wants to show you the short cuts 

Manifesting your dream life and business with more ease and zero hustle

Mastering your money and building long term generational wealth. It's time that financial power falls in the hands of more women!

Learning the strategies, systems and tools to grow your business to multiple 6-figures so you can create the impact you desire & live the life you deserve

Never again dimming your light to make others feel better. You decide to shine bright, boldly share your message & be seen in a big way.

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


Now is your time...

Stepping fully into the role of CEO in your business so you can feel more balanced, rested, and in alignment with what you really want to create for your life.

Try My Program for 15 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

I love and believe in this group so much that if for some reason you don't believe it is right for you, then you can get your money back within 15 days. 

money back 


This      for you if:

You are ready to invest in your dreams & believe it will happen

YOU'Re not willing to take responsibility for your own results

You are ready to access the support in order to achieve your goals


YOU ARE willing to dedicate the time to complete this course & realise the transformational results. 

It's probably        for you if...

YOU're looking for someone to hold your hand through the process



Let's do this


Payment Plan




3 payments of £999

One Payment 

45min kickstarteR coaching session with laura


access to all new content created as part of Make Millions to Impact millions

1 payment of £2,499

best value!

select the plan that works for you:


What type of support will I receive?

When you join us in Make Millions to Impact Millions online experience you get life time access to all modules available, in addition to any new content created in the future.
You also gain access a private online community where you can ask any questions you have to support you in your course journey. 
If you choose the "payment in full" payment option, you will also get access to a 45min kickstarted session to support you even more with growing your business and getting the best value from this course.   
As this is an online programme and I won't be with you day-to-day, you will get back as much value from this course as you put in. My loving suggestion is to stay engaged, ask questions and let us support you with your business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time commitments will be required? 

This is a self-paced programme designed to support you creating the results you want in your own time. We know how life can throw a curve ball and there may be times you fall out of your routine, that is why we are giving you life time access to this course and access to any future courses created. As we grow and learn, so will you.

What if it's not for me?

If for some reason you decide this community is not for you then you can avail of the 15 day money back guarantee.

Have more questions??

Get in touch with our awesome team who will be happy to answer any additional questions you have and support you in getting started on your journey to make millions and impact millions. Contact:

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a proven roadmap

Yes! I'm in!

So, are you ready to sign up and join this incredible community of women who are committed to making millions, impacting millions and living out their life mission building a wildly successful business?

but first