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You have arrived at the home of wealth and woo, where our mission is to show you how to build your wealth through investing in the stock market and create even more richness in your life through manifesting with the Universe. We have our self paced investing program, a live sisterhood experience as well as private coaching. Scroll below to find out more.

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Showing you a simplified approach to market investing to make your money work for you


Taking your relationship with money from it's complicated, to full blown we're madly in love


Turning you into a magnet of attraction by taking the hoping and wishing out of manifestation

The Wealthy Witch Online

Online Investing Program

This is our self-paced online, investing program, that takes you through  everything you need to go from complete beginner, asking what even is the stock market, to feeling confident and ready to open up your investment account and begin making your money work for you.
This program is open for you to join right now.


The Witches of
Wall Street Live

A 7 week live experience to build your wealth through investing, and become a money magnet through manifesting.

The Witches of Wall Street Live is a unique portal of wealth creation for women. Over the course of  7 weeks, I lead you on  an epic journey with your fellow sisters,  to discover how to invest your money in the stock market so build your wealth, as well as implement seven impactful manifestation practices so you continue to attract money in new ways. The ultimate experience of Wealth and Woo.

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""I hadn't come across a financial education package specifically tailored towards women that addressed the exact fears, worries and hesitancies I myself experienced so often when broaching the topic of my personal finances….it was as though she could read my mind!" 

"Laura takes a typically masculine-leaning approach and integrates the ways of the feminine so that the idea of investing becomes expansive rather than intimidating."


is now a wealthy witch having completed our online investing program

Just Me and You

I started my entrepreneurial journey as a coach to the most incredible, high powered, big hearted women from Ireland, to Sydney and Los Angeles.
While nowadays I only offer a limited number of private coaching spaces, if you feel called to this option, then simply click below and send us a message. Each coaching package is tailored to your specifics needs and desires. 


Private Coaching

A special gift from
me to you

Not ready? That's cool too. Here's my special gift to you. A 37 page money magic filled investing mini-book to get you started on your journey. If you're curious what mermaids have to do with investing your money, then click below to find out now ;)

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"The truth is



isn't the root of all evil, it just makes you 

of who you are"

- Sarah Blakely

If you want to move forward but not sure what option is best, or have another query, then me and the witchy service team are here for you. Click below to send us a message or email us directly on

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