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Welcome to the home of Wealth and Woo. The place where you will feel confident to invest and manifest with your tribe of Wealthy Witches!
 Are you ready to feel empowered and confident with investing your money? Are you ready to receive a wealth creation process that will have the Universe manifesting even more for you? Then cosy up because it's time to get your witch on!

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If you're looking to start investing, you're in the right place. 

Welcome to the Witch of Wall Street. We are the home for Wealth and Woo, and the only community where you'll find  women speaking about investing, stocks, and markets trends, as much as full moon rituals, manifestation and the matrix.  Our mission is to show you that investing your money, building your wealth and managing your finances, can be a fun, pleasurable and simple journey. We are here to build the bridge for our spiritual sisters between the magic of the Universe and the power of the Stock Market. Because we can't speak about female empowerment, if we're not creating female financial empowerment too.


Make yourself a matcha and let's take a magic moment to explore the many ways we will be by your side, as you embark on this exciting journey of wealth and woo.

What we do...

I am committed to showing women how to invest, build their wealth and improve their relationship with money. Because yes, it is a relationship and far too many are still stuck in the it's complicated zone, and I want to move you into the deeply passionate, loving money zone.
If you're wondering why I do what I do, click below to get the full scoop.

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New Podcast

The Era of the Wealthy Witch

Stocks and soul alignment, mutual funds and manifestation, crypto and crystals...stand aside patriarchy, the witches are back for a financial revolution.


Free investing mini-book

37 pages of pure gold answering all your questions about investing, plus you will discover the 4 essential keys every woman needs to know when it comes to money and wealth.

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The Witch of Wall Street Podcast

The home for wealthy women interested in money and investing. We host a range of wealth and woo topics, from investing in the stock market, managing money in relationships, to manifesting from the divine feminine. This podcast is a new take on the typically masculine, dull approach to money, wealth and investing. Get ready for something new and refreshing!



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If you rather keep it slow and steady as you ease your way into your investing journey, then access my Investing Mini-Book. It is  37 pages of pure money gold, answering all your questions about investing, plus you will discover the 4 essential keys every woman needs to know when it comes to money and wealth. 


“This NEEDS to be in the hands of any and all women wanting to make BANK and feel EMPOWERED with their finances.

Amelia, Wealthy witch

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The Witches of Wall St.

Live Program

Throughout the year I lead The Witches of Wall Street, a live experience, where you and your gorgeous sisters come together for 7 weeks after which, you'll know exactly how to invest your money, and manifest even more, in a simple yet impactful way...this is soooul damn good! 

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Coaching Services

I started my entrepreneurial journey as a coach to the most incredible, high powered, big hearted women from Ireland, to Sydney and Los Angeles. While I only offer a limited number of private coaching spaces now, if you feel called to this option, then simply send us a message below and share your desires and ambitions with us. We'll take it from there. 

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The Secrets to Wealth Creation

Download your free wealth witch guide here which shares the 4 keys to building your wealth through investing. This is something every women needs. And I promise it's fun too!


Bet on you

"I don't like to gamble,
but if there's one thing I'm willing to bet on,
it's myself."

— Beyoncé