hey, I'm Laura

aka The Witch of Wall Street. I combine Wealth and Woo, to show you how to invest and manifest to build wealth. If you're ready to feel financially unstoppable, in a Sia kind of way, then you're in the right place...

"I was fed up with womxn being on the wrong side of every money gap; wealth, investing, pay, pension! It was time to do something about it."

But first, let's go back to where it all started! Born and raised in Cork, Ireland, I was an ambitious little kid. While my sisters pursued careers in the creative industry, I always knew I wanted to get "a real job", as my Dad would say, have a secure salary and my own money. So carving out a new path, I got myself a degree in Finance, qualified as a Chartered Accountant, and was ready to take the financial world by storm! 

I studied with personal development legends and sky rocketed my career.

Nothing too exciting happened in those first years of my career, but then a chance trip to go learn from The Secret's star himself, Bob Proctor, changed all that. Applying the "woo" principles to my life and career, I sky rocketed to a new stratosphere. 
I became buddies with global leaders, senior partners and multi-millionaires. My entire world view was scrambled in the best way possible! I held Board positions of companies out in the Middle East, was promoted year on year, and was making a whole lot of money! I soared in my career faster than even I could have imagined! But it also meant this...

Being the only woman in the room...time and time again! 

Whether I was walking into a boardroom in Mumbai or to a pitch to 20 bankers in Stockholm, the situation was the same. Couple that with discovering the eye rolling statistics of "120 until we achieve gender equality" and I knew I had to do something! 
This finance nerd had no idea what she alone could do, but was going to start and figure it out! And that I did. I chaired my company's gender equality network, became an advisor to the CEO and began mentoring women across my company and industry. Where ever I could make a positive difference, I was there! And then this happened...

"But Mom, I am a Rich Man" - Cher

My passion began to gather momentum and I was awarded by the Financial Times as a top 20 Future Female Leader and by Yahoo! Finance as a Global Champion of Women. I was featured in media, became the poster child for women in advisory and was unshakeable in my mission for change. 
Then as my 30th birthday approached and the energy of my Saturn return took hold, big changes began to unfold!

"Be the change, you want to see in the world"

No longer satisfied pursuing my mission part-time, I took a massive leap of faith out of that successful career, and into the wild and wonderful ride that is entrepreneurship! My mission; to support womxn from all corners of the world, to live life on their terms, to pursue their ambitions and to become financially unfuckwithable! So what happened?

Baby Witch

This Baby witch reminds me that every girl has the right to a financial education & the WOW is here to do that

It's not womxn's fault!

Well, at first this looked like balancing out the boardroom through executive coaching and then empowering women to follow their passion and purpose through building their business. However, having worked with womxn from Sydney, to LA, to Vancouver, BVI and all across Europe, there was one undeniable, unavoidable reality. Sticking out as obvious as I was, when I turned up to meetings in a bold pink suit!

We cannot discuss female empowerment without female financial empowerment. Period.

Womxn were not investing! They were not building wealth. At best they were saving. Regardless of age or nationality; personal finances and investing felt scary, out of reach and aggressively male dominated.
Many womxn defaulted to their partner managing their money, or fell into the Disney trap of believing that one day prince charming would ride into their lives and take care of it all. These beliefs prevented them from ever feeling ready to figure it out for themselves. And with the endless jargon, gender stereotypes and overt marketing to men; the finance industry didn't feel like a welcoming place to get started!

But here's the truth...


You're not here to discover how to  manage your money and invest it, just for the sake it it. You're here because this puts more money in your pocket and that matters!

It matters because money is more than just numbers in your account. It's the freedom to leave that shitty job, that toxic relationship or crappy situation. The freedom to pursue your life's dharma, start that business, take that girls trip or even just treat yourself to a relaxing facial *and* a massage. It's security, peace of mind and power!

Currently, womxn fall on the wrong side of every money gap and are limited in living life how they truly want it. And as far as we know, we only have one life, so it's worth figuring this stuff out so you can make the best of it!

...but here's the thing, it's not actually womxn's fault! 


For centuries, womxn have been excluded from financial decision making and denied basic financial rights. It wasn't until the 1960s and 70s that women in the US and UK could even open up bank accounts in their name! I know...(insert eye roll!)

So, if you're wondering why you don't feel confident AF with money, well, take a peek back in history and you'll soon find out why. But don't stay there too long! We're on a mission to change all that!
Just check this out...


The Witch of Wall Street is inspired by years spent in the male dominated, masculine driven world of finance, witnessing the limitation and manipulation placed upon womxn purely due to money, and my own personal journey of becoming financially independent, so I could be my own "sugar mommy" and do whatever the heck I want.

The WoW is a place of inclusivity, empowerment and purpose, and I'm deeply excited to welcome you into our growing global community of wealthy witches, now part of a financial revolution.

This is our moment to write a new financial HERstory for our generation and the many generations to come, and it starts here and now, with you.



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