Hey, I'm Laura

I'm a visibility & wealth coach on a mission to support service based entrepreneurs to share their unique message with millions & manifest even more money with ease.

It doesn't matter where you've come from, it only matters where you're going.

It's September 2019 and I'm sitting sitting in a big boardroom, floor to ceiling glass windows over looking St. Pauls Cathedral in the heart of London. Sitting around the table are about 20 well suited finance men, and me.

As our meeting closed, and the deal was finalised, I stood up and walked out of those glass double doors; walking away not only from another all male meeting, but from a decade career working at the heights of the international finance industry, readying myself to embark on a brand new journey.

As exciting as it was to travel the world, work with multimillionaires, advise billionaires, buy designer goods and live this life of luxury; I couldn’t turn away from the reality that I was always, the only woman in those boardrooms; or the research that showed it would still take 120 years to achieve gender equality; or the fact that despite my greatest efforts to make a change within my firm and industry, and awards by the Financial Times and Yahoo! Finance for the impact I was creating; the business landscape for women remained much unchanged.

Come on a journey with me...

So, I left the security, the certainty, the titles, I checked my ego and my great big bonus at the door, and I prepared myself for a whole new adventure. Starting my own business, empowering women to create their own financial freedom, to build businesses where they could fully express their potential, live out their life mission and be the CEO of their own life. 

I was experienced, passionate and motivated. A key recipe for success, or so I thought. I launched into my business, built my website, invested in trainings and was ready to go. But despite this big, global ambition of mine to change the world for women; the reality was that I had no clients, no women to impact or support, and no revenue. It was driving me crazy. I felt like I had fallen off a cliff of success to now sitting at home wondering "WTF am I doing?". I was a small town girl from Southern Ireland and was determined to find a way to make this work.

Time for change

I retrained as a Professional Speaker and things began taking off. I had discovered a new way to share my message, build my profile, grow my business and impact more women than ever before.

My first event was in front of 1000+ people, then I met Colin Farrell and Nick Vujicic over a shared philanthropic passion, then I spoke at Microsoft for Start-ups in the Middle East. 
There was multiple podcast interviews, media interviews, and then an invitation to speak at Forbes Under 30 in Berlin, then invited back again to speak at their SuperWomen summit in Vienna! Things were really beginning to take off!

Until the world went into a global lockdown and my speaking momentum came to a sudden halt. 

Now what? 

Hustle mode

I did the only thing I knew how. I worked. And I worked more. And more. And more. I worked so much my then partner would have to entice me away from my computer to go for an evening stroll. You see, I had been conditioned to succeed in a masculine way for the past decade. This way to succeed was familiar, and my mind felt certain that it would bring the results we wanted.

The turn of a new chapter

But the risk with relying just on pushing, hustle, and hard work, is that you become totally out of alignment, especially as women, and you find yourself exhausted, having ZERO fun in the business you are so passionate about. I was meant to be the CEO of my business, but instead I was an overworked employee with an asshole for a boss!

I knew things had to change, and fast. I had savings and investments supporting me, but I knew I needed my business to turn around quickly.

So, I tried something new.

I had spent years studying with personal development legends, like Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins, so decided to go back to basics of focusing on my mindset and mastering energetics and manifestation, in addition to the strategies I had invested tens of thousands of pounds to acquire, to create a new level of business success. 

'That time' I met Michelle 

The magic formula

This is the funny thing. We often think we know something, but if we are not applying it, then we don’t really know it, do we?

I reinvested in my mindset, implemented CEO habits into my day and the masculine systems and structured into my business, I created space for me to live in my feminine more (which was new and strange at first), I went back to study the laws of the universe, Law of Attraction, paradigm shifts, manifestation and I did some deep inner work around energy healing and re-alignment,

I invested big to work with a millionaire coach to help me fast track my journey to where I wanted to get to. I completely reinvented my business model and branding, I hired a new team, swallowed my pride to let go of what no longer worked,  and prepared the way for something even bigger and better!

Women's time to rise

I launched my Podcast to No 4 in Entrepreneurship on Apple Podcasts, met Hay House CEO Reid Tracy to submit my book proposal, and I made my first 100k month, with more ease & fun than I really ever thought possible!

If in the space of 12 months, I can go from sitting at my laptop thinking WTF am I doing, having no assets, programmes, or real clarity on how I was going to create a successful business; to today, working with incredible trailblazing women from all around the world, having having launched a chart topping podcast, Make Millions to Impact Millions,, met with the CEO of Hay House to publish my book, spoken on international stages including Forbes, and be a passionate philanthropic donor to charities supporting young girls and female entrepreneurs….then I know you can too.

A New Chapter

Turning dreams into a reality

That is why I have created the Message for Millions Manifesto, which is a 7 part system to take you from where you are now in your business, maybe stuck in hustle, wondering how you will ever create the financial, time and creative freedom for yourself in your business, to reconnect with your mission and learn the principles of mindset, money, manifestation, media so you can live out your true purpose in life, build a wildly successful business, and share your message with millions so you can have the impact you came into this world to have.

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