hey, I'm Laura

aka The Witch of Wall Street. I combine Wealth and Woo, to show you how to invest and manifest to build wealth. If you're ready to feel financially unstoppable, in a Sia kind of way, then you're in the right place...

I was done with women being on the wrong side of every wealth, investing and money gap...it was time to do something about it

But let's go back to where it all started...this is me; Laura Tynan. I was born and raised in Cork, Ireland. I have a Bsc First Class Honors Degree in Finance and I am a Chartered Accountant, having qualified in the top 10% in Ireland.
I know, total nerd right!

I started my career in Forensics...but for business!

Even though I'm pretty sure my family thought it was more like what you see in CSI on TV. Oh the many disappointed faces when I'd add; it's CSI but for accounting!
Post University, I worked with Deloitte's Corporate Finance practice in Dublin for 4 years, before moving to London to join EY's Centre of Excellence with a focus on international Financial Restructuring of large international companies.
That's a long way of saying I helped big companies work through multi-million dollar issues and had a blast doing it! It also led me to this...
My journey to standing on this stage, sharing my message of female financial empowerment, was not a straight and clear path.  My path to where I am today was a wild and wonderful ride! Starting with...

Being the youngest Board Member, and only female, of an International Shipping company based in Dubai, for an entire year, working through a 600m debt restructure. take a look!

You got it! That's me out on one of our company ships in Indonesia, doing a review with the Captain. I had to dust the cobwebs off this photo when I found it and as I sit here now ocean side, writing this, I'm still amazed that this was my life at one point! And even more amazed how drastically it has changed. 

PS: Turns out, Orange is definitely not the new black.

"But Mom, I am a Rich Man" - Cher

So this little cutie was raised in a typical, Irish family. Dad went to work, while mom took care of me and my two sisters. Money was not discussed in our home and on reflection, our money beliefs were pretty shitty.

The idea of investing was just a joke, rooted in the belief that it was only for the ultra wealthy; which we were not. And around one too many dinner tables, my parents would joke, "just marry a rich man!"
The ultimate solution to all life's problems. 

The idea of investing was just a joke, rooted in the belief that it was only for the ultra wealthy; which we were not. And around one too many dinner tables, my parents would joke, "just marry a rich man!" The ultimate solution to all life's problems. 

This is a blame game free zone

So don't get me wrong, my parents did an amazing job at raising us. We were loved, cared for and encouraged to pursue our dreams. We were incredibly privileged in many ways. But when it came to money beliefs, saving, investing…there was a lot of room for improvement, as perhaps there may have been for you too.

Baby Witch

Little Laura-Ashley reminds me that every girl has the right to a financial education + drives me on when challenges arrive

So here's what most people don't know about me...

My passion for supporting women didn't just fall out of the sky, after seeing one too many Hashtag Female Empowerment.  My work in progressing equality for women, began with a seed of desire, to make a dent to those dreadful "120 years until we achieve gender equality" stats, and grew rapidly into what it is today. 

Why the woo to the wealth?

I have travelled the world learning from some of the most brilliant minds including Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Esther Hicks and many others whose names remain less known. I have trained in Reiki, EFT Tapping, Rapid Resolution Therapy and Breathwork. I have studied Universal laws, delved into the science of manifestation and received incredible energy healing. The impact this has had on me has been so great, the results so drastic, that it would be impossible for me to teach about investing and money, without bringing the absolute magic of the WOO into what I do. Because without that magic, I wouldn't be where I am today. And I am so excited to share this unique mix with you too.

Female Empowerment = Financial Empowerment

It's been this journey of female financial empowerment over the past decade, that has led to me being recognised by the Financial Times as a Top 20 Future Female Leader and later by Yahoo! Finance as a Global Champion of Women in Business.

So passionate about this message I trained as a professional speaker to deepen my impact, and have had the joy of sharing this passion on international stages, including speaking at Forbes Under 30, in Berlin, in my first month in business. An epic moment!


The Witch of Wall Street was birthed from this journey, the years spent in the male dominated, masculine driven world of finance, and the personal spiritual awakening I was initiated into, exploring new depths of myself and spirituality that I had never before witnessed. 

My intention is to welcome you with open arms into this sisterhood of incredible women from around the globe, who collectively, form part of this financial revolution. A movement to write a new HERstory for our generation and the many generations to come. So, are you ready to join us in becoming the next Wealthy Witch?

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