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Hi, I'm Laura, The Witch of Wall Street

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All good things come from more money in the accounts of more women. Steve Jobs once said "you can only join the dots looking backwards" and writing this as The Witch of Wall Street, having graduated with a Honours degree in Finance, qualified as a Chartered Accountant, forged my own path within the ultra male dominated financial industry, with a few Bob Proctor seminars, breathwork retreats, and manifestation masterminds thrown in, to now be teaching women around the world how to become financially independent through investing...
Well witch, it kinda feels like that famous quote was written for me. So, why are we here?

If you're ready to become that rich witch, kick down the barriers and get started today, then you're in the right place...

You don't need to be rich to invest, investing is how you become rich

Whether it a boardroom in Mumbai or a banking pitch in Stockholm, the situation was the same. Coupled with the eye rolling statistics of "120 until we achieve gender equality" and I knew I had to do something! 

This finance nerd had no idea what difference she could ever make, but was willing to start and figure it out. And that I did. It started small; chairing a gender equality network, coaching women and speaking at events, but eventually it gained momentum and the mission became clear. The pursuit of female empowerment, is the pursuit of female financial empowerment. And with that...

I was fed up with us women being on the wrong side of every money gap. It was time to do something about it.


And the rest as they say, is herstory!
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The Witch of Wall Street was born.

I've walked on fire three times and this witch, did not burn!

I'm an 80s kid and die hard Destiny Child fan. Queen B is now the only star I will travel the world to see perform! Worth it. Every. Damn. TIme.  

I practice what I teach, but sometimes don't. Splurging on luxury women's retreats is my guilty pleasure.

I grew up in Ireland where money is shamefully taboo to talk about, where St.Patrick was celebrated for ridding the country of witches, and women's liberties have been non-existent until recent times. Now I'm the Witch of Wall Street - empowering witchy women to become financially empowered. Maybe that makes you smile as much as it does for me!

Manifestation changed my entire life. I took out a loan to fly to Toronto and be mentored by the late Bob Proctor. That move right there is why Rich Craft will always be part of the work I bring to the world. 

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WEALTHY WITCH: A financially empowered witch.

Witch: a self empowered womAn, living life on her terms.

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