Discover how to confidently manage your personal finances, invest your money in the stock market and become financially independent and empowered! 

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The Wealthy Witch Online shows you how to become confident in managing your personal finances, take that life changing step to invest your money in the stock market, build your wealth in ways you didn't even know were possible, and become financially unshakeable and empowered.

It's time to make your money work for you.

a one of a kind money + investing experience made by womxn for womxn

The Wealthy Witch Online is designed for the busy witch who wants to master her personal finances and start building wealth through investing...but on her own time and at her own pace! This online experience gives you total control and flexibility over the pace, speed and results you get! This program is divided into 7 separate sessions, each covering a key topic for your future financial success. Start your journey towards financial independence now, by taking this exciting next leap towards becoming *that* wealthy witch!  Sign up below or keep reading for more details.

The Wealthy Witch Online

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Session by session, here's what you'll receive:
  1. How to transform your relationship with your personal finances and have the best Money Date ever
  2. Understand the Financial Markets like a pro so you know how to make them work for you
  3. Discover your Investment Options so you can build a diversified, robust portfolio
  4. How to implement The Wealthy Witch Action Plan which takes you from educated to invested!
  5. Adopt an unstoppable Investor Mindset which ensures you continue to be successful in the markets long after you complete this program
  6. How to stay on track for lifetime financial success, sharing the downfalls of investing to avoid
  7. Bonus: Money Magic Meditation + Subliminal recordings that help rewire your mindset for abundance.

The Wealthy Witch Online

"I went from feeling like investing was overly complicated and a hit-or-miss-gamble TO NOW investing with so much more confidence, joy & ease fully knowing I am growing my long term wealth."

- Amy @amyhatescarrots

I can’t recommend Laura’s online investing program more! Thank you for simplifying the steps to investing & empowering my financial freedom! 


If you set aside this amount every week


for this many years


You'll have saved this much


But this is what it's worth invested!

I am deeply passionate about showing women how to invest, build their wealth and improve their relationship with money.
Because in the world we live money = power. It is the power to follow your passions, live out your dharma, leave that toxic relationship or job, and ultimately, live life on your terms.

So as a passionate champion of women and big hearted feminist, I know that to speak to female empowerment we must focus on financial empowerment first. And so that is what we are doing!






The Wealthy witch results you can expect:

Gain a clear understanding of what the financial markets are, how they work, and most importantly, how to make them work for you! 

Discover the different types of investments you can have - From stocks, funds, bonds, Commodities, reits to alts! We've got you covered!

Time to take everything you know and put it into action to go from educated to invested! THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS AND YOU BECOME A legit INVESTOR! making your money work for you!

Bonus: Want to know how to avoid the key mistakes 95% of investors make which causes huge losses? get ready because in this module you'll be creating an unshakeable investor mindset!

The step-by-step process to have the most incredible money date. This os guaranteed to transform your relationship with your finances, resulting in feeling ultra confident!




Bonus: let's ensure you are winning financially, not only during the program, but for the rest of your life! That's why we set you up to stay on track for a lifetime of financial success!

BONUS: Get a taste of the money magic we delve into within our live program, by tuning into this incredible bonus gift of an EXCLUSIVE money meditation + subliminal bundle

The Wealthy Witch Online is a Self Paced, fully virtual program for the ultra busy witch!

For my UK and US Witches, you will also receive tailored information on the type of tax sheltered accounts and pension schemes available for you! If you're not in the Uk/usa, check out the FAQ below



If you set aside this weekly


for this many years


You'd have this much saved


This is what it would be worth invested

It's to the point, jargon free, everything you need to get started

It's like having a Wealthy Witch in your pocket, guiding you every step of the way!

When you search how to start investing, the entire process can leave your head spinning in a state of confusion and analysis paralysis!

My number one priority with the Wealthy Witch Online is that your investing journey is rooted in a deep understanding, that is supported by actual facts and data, in easy to digest, bitesize chunks of value! I'm not a fan of the "fluff", we're all busy, so let's cut straight to the point, shall we?!

I'm not promising overnight financial success or some get rich quick solution. You won't find any of that here. There are no shortcuts to building wealth! But there is a simple to follow, step-by-step process that you can follow in order to reach your financial goals.


Here's what I know IS possible for you.
By the end of this program, you will have a solid understanding of how the financial markets work, know how to invest your money so it works for you and will be clear on your investing journey ahead.

You’re already winning at the game of life. I know that without even meeting you - why else would you be about to up skill so you can invest and manage your money with confidence and certainty? Exactly!

I'm showing you how to win this game in a new way, and at a different level. It’s not going to be that complicated, once you know how. 

It's created by womxn. for womxn. This is a wall st bro free zone!


If you invest this amount every week


for this many years


You'd have saved this much


This is what its worth invested

The results you'll receive from The Wealthy Witches Online

The results you'll receive from
The Wealthy Witches Online

When making an investment in yourself and an opportunity like this, it is often difficult to quantify the results you'll receive.

So this is the other amazing part of your investment in The Wealthy Witches Online. You can quantify your return before you even begin.

After completing this program, you will know how to turn €100 weekly into a €1.5million+ investment fund versus €243k if you had just saved it.

You can play around with the numbers and see the difference if you put more or less in every month, but the fact is, you're going to get your investment in this program back, a thousand times over!

So to ensure we are on the same page, I want to address another few common misconceptions that have stopped many womxn I meet from investing, including the past me!

  • Firstly, you don't need a tonne of money to get started. For most online brokers you can start with €100, or even less in some cases. 
  • Investing is less risky than leaving your money sit in a savings account. In a savings account, you can be guaranteed you lose money, because it isn't even matching the rate of inflation!
  • I know it may seem complex now, but with me guiding you through each step of the way, it will feel as simple as it possibly can be. 
  • It's not going to take hours upon hours to figure this out! In fact, each training is less than 15minutes in length! As I said, bite size nuggets of value, sans fluff!
  • And no, it's not too late for you. Whether you think you're too old, too young, or it's not the right time, here's your reminder that now is the best time to start, and your future wealthy witch will be soo thankful you did! 

"You'll have everything you need to get started when the time comes to invest, and as we know...the time is now!"

THE MONEY DATE ROADMAP: Time to get personal with your personal finances. Get ready to delve into spending plans, high yield savings accounts, dealing with debt, setting up and maximising your pension as well as the best tax sheltered accounts to use for investing for your future.

Before you even thing about investing, we're going to ensure you know exactly what you're investing in. Throughout this module you will discover what the financial markets are, how they work, and then most importantly, how to make them work for you. If bulls, bears and stock charts confuse you, not to worry. We've got you! You'll finish feeling confident and empowered in understanding clearly how the markets work.

Once you're clear on how to make money in the financial markets, your next step is to decide what you'll invest in. Building a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and other alternative investment options can be really confusing, but I'll guiding you through step by step, how to do just that, in a way that caters to your unique financial situation.

THE ACCELERATED ABUNDANCE ACTION PLAN: Get ready to be singing proudly #IMANINVESTOR because this is where it happens! Where we take everything you've discovered and put it into action, opening up your investment account and putting your money to work for you! Whether you are starting out with a £100 or $10,000, I'm going to show you how to make that money sweat, as it compounds and builds wealth for you year on year.

THE MILLIONAIRE MINDSET MAKER: There are plenty of one hit wonders, but only one Beyonce. Here you will build and refine your investor mindset, ensuring you enjoy consistent results, long after you wrap up your journey within The Wealthy Witches Online.
Witch, we’ve got you now.

Time to put down the stresses, worries and fear around money. Your wealthy witch is here and is going to show you the roadmap to feeling confident and empowered with your money, but perhaps most importantly, at peace with it too.

Your transformation begins before you even start. It begins in the saying yes, the showing up, in deciding you're taking back control of your life and knowing that starts with your finances.

Let's show you step-by-step the journey awaiting you.

The Wealthy WItch Online Roadmap:

7 live pre-recorded modules with over 35 15minute trainings 

Lifetime access, including future additions

The step-by-step roadmap to become *that* wealthy witch, who invests her money and is financially independent!

Join the Wealthy Witch Hall of Fame of women  around the world investing in their future

Additional bonus content


join now for £999

Witch, this is your time....

Breakdown of brokers and funds to invest in

"I whole heartedly recommend this programme if you want to  ignite your financial interests and get to mastering your money!

I decided to take Laura's program after being hooked to her podcast! I loved the way she made investing so accessible, appealing and feminine - something I had never encountered before."

Hey Investor!

ClÓdagh @clodaghok

"Laura takes a data driven investing approach that really empowers you with your finances.

Whether you have a baseline understanding in investing or not, Laura’s program will provide the frameworks for you. I feel for the first time truly empowered to take ownership of my portfolio".

Natalie @coachnataliemarie

"It was absolutely amazing. It is a great investment into my future.

I had dabbled in investing half heartedly because I knew it was something good for me, but didn't have any information, didn't know where to find it or when I tried, it just all seemed so complicated. Laura has broken it down so understandably so I knew exactly what I had to do."

Paula @girlgrowthgram

Join the
Wealthy Witch
Hall of Fame


if you set aside this weekly


for this many years


You'd have saved this much


This is what it's worth invested

"This NEEDS to be in the hands of all women wanting to feel EMPOWERED with their finances."


This      for you if:

YOU WANT TO REMOVE THE stress + confusion AROUND money + INVESTING 

You're looking for a get rich quick scheme


You're looking for me to do the work for you. I'll be your guide,  but you must turn up for your success

You want a program intentionally designed so that you will actually complete it, and in your own time too

It's probably        for you if...

You're not ready to become confident with your money and invest it like a wealthy witch!



Witch, please!
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if you set aside this weekly


for this many years


You'd have saved this much


this is what it's worth invested

Is this program for me?

If you're unsure like “I know this is for me, but I have a few questions” then email us now at and we'll get you sorted.

But what if?

How is the Wealthy Witch Online delivered?

Immediately after you join, you will receive a Welcome email from yours truly, laying out all the details for this program, including your exclusive access to your online wealth portal where you can begin your journey now. There are 7 modules in this program. Click here for a recap of what they are. Within each module, there is multiple trainings, each less than 15minutes in duration. Where relevant, each training is accompanied by an implementation workbook that will support you in achieving your desired results. You also receive a copy of all the presentation slides.

How long do I have to complete this program?

This program is designed to be completed at your own pace and within your own time. It is delivered completely online, virtually, so you can enjoy going through this program at any time, where ever you are located. You will have access to this program for the lifetime of the online program, including access to any future updates. 

How much time will this take to complete?

You have the ability to complete this program at your own pace and in your own time. There are approximately 30 training videos, each under 15minutes in length, and the total time involved in watching these trainings is less than 7.5hours. Our focus is on you having the time to implement this education so we keep the trainings to the point, and value packed, without the fluff.

Are results guaranteed?

While it is ingrained in our mission to show every womxn that walks through our virtual doors how to manage their money and invest in a simplified way, this is your journey. I will guide you and show you how to succeed to the best of my ability. But I cannot do the implementation work for you. If you are committed and ready to create results, then I will be so excited to welcome you into the Wealthy Witch Hall of Fame. But you have to do your part too. Deal? ;)

What is your refund policy?

We operate on an honesty policy. If you decide to join us and then for some reason have a mini freak out, (I've seen it happen), then simply send us an email and we'll help you as best we can. If it's clear this isn't right for you, then we'll happily refund your investment in the program. We don't want to be dragging anyone through the journey! However, once you access the online portal, no refunds will be possible thereafter. I'm sure you can understand and we appreciate your honesty with us.

What if I have additional questions?

We get it! I was the kid who always had my hand raised asking alllllll the questions. If you're curious about something else that we haven't covered here, then email us at

What if I don't live in the UK or USA?

Everything you receive within the Wealthy Witch Online will work for you regardless of where you are located. As long as you can access an investment account. The country tailored aspects relate only to specific investment account types and pension options.

What if I want in-person support?

If you are interested in going on this journey with a community of other womxn and with the benefit of my support, then check out The Witches of Wall Street LIVE, which includes live group sessions and exclusive access to an online group where you can ask all your questions.