Why are people afraid to make money?




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Hi, I'm Laura!


Money is a fantastically peculiar topic that both excites, confuses and scares most people! Having spent over a decade working within the Finance industry advising CEOs on multi-million-dollar deals; it’s fair to say I have a close relationship to all things MONEY. 

This topic is key for you to MASTER yet so many people I work with want to shy away from it. They talk about their building business for all these admirable reasons but withdraw from owning the fact they want to make a tonne load of money!


 I realised there are 3 Reasons:

1.     METHOD – you may feel stuck not knowing the method, or HOW, to make more money. Most people are trapped in Method 1 of money creation where they swap time for money + don’t know how to leverage their knowledge to upgrade to Method 3 where they have Multiple Sources of Income.

2.     MINDSET – maybe you’re still holding onto some disempowering beliefs around money that you’ve inherited from your family or society; think ‘money is the root of all evil / money doesn’t grow on trees!’

3.     MECHANICS – you unconsciously repel earning too much money because you wouldn’t know what to do with it – how do you invest it, grow it, make it work for you?

I have seen the pain that MONEY has brought to so many – not having enough, feeling trapped in a job or relationship because of it, feel depressed because they link self-worth to net worth.  

 As part of my coaching programme Make Millions to Impact Millions we cover all 3 areas; METHOD, MINDSET + MECHANICS to ensure you feel confident + empowered to earn it, master it and make it work for you!

Check out this short video HERE to learn more.

 💫 If you are ready to start or grow your own purpose led business by monetising your unique talents + gifts, then I would absolutely LOVE to speak with you. 

My mission in life is to empower women like you to share your unique gifts and talents with the world, so it would be my absolute honour to be part of your journey in doing so. 

If this resonates with you then simply click here to schedule your initial strategy call with myself where we can speak more about your business goals and how we can work together to ensure you achieve them.

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