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What if you could unlock spiritual growth and abundance by embracing your inner wealthy witch? Join me, Laura Tynan, and my dear friend Dr. Moira Moynihan, as we discuss my transformation from a corporate career to empowering others to claim their worthiness and wealth. Listen as I reflect on my early life, when I was encouraged to get a ‘real job’ and suppress my creative urges, and how turning 30 led to a powerful shift in my life.

Discover how taking risks and investing in ourselves can lead to profound personal growth and deeper levels of compassion and understanding. We explore the magic of gratitude and the power of taking a leap of faith to invest in yourself. I share the transformative journey I embarked on to become a Wealthy Witch and invite you to join me on this path.

Don’t miss this enchanting conversation that is sure to inspire and empower you to become the wealthy witch you were always meant to be! Learn how this journey has changed my relationship with money and allowed me to unlock profound spiritual growth. Take advantage of the free investing money book I have created and start on your journey to embracing your inner wealthy witch today!

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