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Are you ready to unlock the power of feminist investing and venture capital? If so, join us for a captivating conversation with our dear friend and special guest, Bobby Bidochka, a friendly feminist, sex-positive advocate, and author of Sexual Intelligence in Business. Bobby is also co-chair of an academic conference, the founder of Imagine Ideation, a venture associate for a tech venture capital incubator, and an LP in the feminist fund, the 51.

Together, we explore Bobby’s journey into the venture capital space, discussing her work with Tandem Launch, a deep tech startup foundry, and VC hybrid that helps build tech startups from the foundation of IP. 

We tackle the challenges faced by female founders, highlighting the gender inequality in venture capital funding and sharing advice on navigating male-dominated boards and staff. 

Bobby also shares her insights on developing thick skin and persevering when faced with rejection, while emphasising the importance of keeping the context of venture capital funding statistics in mind.

Furthermore, we explore the importance of having revenue and traction before considering VC funding, and the benefits of taking venture debt or raising money from friends and family. We also dive into the misconception that VC funding is the only path to success, explore the concept of feminist investing, and discuss how The 51 is making it more accessible for people to invest in female-led companies. Don’t miss this empowering conversation filled with helpful tips on navigating the venture capital process and addressing any of the VC’s concerns.

This is the second time Bobbi joins me on the show, tune in to our first conversation “Ep213 How to use Sexual Energy to 10x your Success” where we explore how to use this magnetising energy to create next level results.

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