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Hi, I'm Laura!


Welcome back to The Witch of Wall Street, the podcast that digs deep into the world of finance, investment, and the stories that shape our financial journeys.

I’m thrilled to bring you a special edition as we celebrate the release of my latest book, “The Witch of Wall Street.”

Join me in this episode as we peel back the layers of financial empowerment and unravel the secrets to success in the male-dominated world of investing. For women who are hungry for knowledge and eager to grow their wealth, this is for you.

In this episode I share the inspiration behind the book, the lessons learned from real-life financial wizards, and the empowering stories of women who have conquered the financial landscape.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting on your wealth-building journey, there’s something here for you! Tune in as we navigate the complexities of money and investing together. Your journey to financial empowerment starts here!

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