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Welcome back to The Witch of Wall Street, on today’s episode I am joined by Amy Rushworth, the woman who helps you become the brave, big hearted and unapologetic woman you were born to be.

Tune in to hear about Amy’s personal money journey, from start-up coach to making over a million in her business, and how to avoid the self sabotage that kicked in after. This is a raw and honest conversation that will leave you feeling more brave and confident in the pursuit of your own goals this year.

2024 is the year of the unapologetic rich witch, and that journey begins here and now! Thanks so much for tuning in wealthy witch and please take a minute to leave a review and rate this podcast, it helps us continue to grow and interview even more incredible guests sharing their wisdom and insights.

About Amy: As a globally-recognised thought leader on empowerment, sexual wellness and feminine leadership, Amy helps women dissolve fear, shame and patterns in the way of their most outrageously free, unapologetic lives. Amy has a burning passion for the taboo areas of female power and womanhood – everything from making money, to taking up space, sensual embodiment or adopting unconventional leadership approaches.

Through her signature online courses like Pleasure Empress, global retreats, The Amy Rushworth Show podcast, and free daily content, Amy supports women all over the world to heal, love themselves fiercely and take action to make “unrealistic” dreams their actual reality.

She combines a background and qualifications in Rebirthing Breathwork, transformational coaching, cognitive behavioral coaching, somatic parts work, holistic sexology/tantra, integrative wellness, human design… with real-talk, practical wisdom.

Her global coaching, healing and educational business has served more than 4500 clients and students in dozens of countries.

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