How Heal your Witch Wound with Emmy Nominated writer & producer, Courtney Myers

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Emmy Nominated writer & producer, Courtney Myers, joins me today to share her unique insights from over 18 years working with some of the biggest Hollywood names from Ellen, Steve Harvey, Judge Judy to E! Entertainment.

Courtney shares with us how to heal our witch wound; that fear of speaking up, being seen in our authentic selves, and fearlessly unleash our voices.

Courtney is also a best-selling, 2x ghostwriter for Hay House published books, is authoring her debut novel and host of the breakout podcast Intentional Living with Courtney Meyers.

Get ready for a new spin on the Witchy magic we bring you weekly and to unleash your true voice. You’re going to love this. Connect with Courtney: IG: @intentional.courtney YouTube: Intentional Living with Courtney Myers

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