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Tune into this brilliant episode with business leader, entrepreneur, female leadership consultant, activist and investor, Sarah Moxom.

While most of us were out partying in our 20s, Sarah was blending her social passions with her entrepreneurial flare to build a successful business, which 15 years in, continues to grow and is currently expanding to Dubai.

Listen to find out:

  • How Sarah’s path to success differed to that of her male counterparts in an industry where women are few and far between in leadership positions.
  • With a decade of female leadership experience, the specific challenges Sarah has witnessed women face in building and growing their business and what to do about it.
  • The habits that have kept Sarah successful and motivated 15 years into her business journey.
  • How Sarah manages her business finances pre and post 2020 and what has changed.
  • The money mindset work that helped Sarah make the biggest shifts in her entrepreneur journey.
  • The dark side of social media and the traps we all need to be aware of.

Sarah’s inspiring work as an activist and investor that will surely leave you ready to take action in your own life. Connect with Sarah on IG at @sarah.moxom

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