Ep. 201 Growing a purpose led fashion brand with Founder of Origin Africa, Alice Cracknell

Alice Cracknell Origin Africa

In this episode, Laura sits down with the Queen of purpose led businesses; Alice Cracknell, CEO & Co-founder of Origin – the UK’s first 100% not-for-profit fashion brand.


Find out more about Origin here: and connect with Alice on IG @origin_africa

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Show Note Highlights

2.50: Learn more about the brand Origin and the work they do 

4.35: how Alice was inspired to start a fashion brand despite having no experience in the industry

7.40: Why Alice is redefining an outdated charity sector business model

8.40: Why giving charitable money to communities can be detrimental

11.12: How Origin select the charities to work with

14.00: The projects Origin support 

16.00: The Brave Woman Collection (it is divine!)

18.50: How every stage of the business journey is curated to be ethical.

20.15: The vision for the fashion industry to become ethical as a whole

21.30: The investment impact on being an ethical brand & the impact of fast fashion

24.45: The Profit v Purpose discussion. How purpose led businesses are sometimes seen to need to ‘worry less’ about traditional business metrics.

26.50: International Expo “Buy Good Feel Good” for purpose led businesses

28.00: A sisterhood love fest!

29.00: The emotional rollercoaster of being an entrepreneur 

30.00: The truth about growing a purpose driven business

31.15: The myth of Instagram

32.20: The power of Sisterhood & overcoming challenges 

33.00: Alice making it on to the WISE ‘women of inspiration’ list for 2020& why visibility for women is so important 

35.20: 1 in 3 entrepreneurs in the UK are female and receive a fraction of the investment capital

37.28: The impact of Covid and staying agile and resilient with business plans

40.20: The global shift that needs to take place & the power of personalisation

41.45: Consumerism & the Christmas buzz

44.00: How you can start a social enterprise

47.30: Vision 2021 and what’s in store for Origin

The book that inspired the change: Building Social Business: The New Kind of Capitalism that Serves Humanity’s by Muhammad Yunus:

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