Leading a tech business to success with GetBee Founder, Thea Myhrvold

Thea Myhrvold Podcast

Let’s talk tech start-ups, big media attention, VC funding and global impact. 

On this episode Laura sits down with globally recognized founder and CEO of technology company, GetBee, Thea Myhrvold. Thea has been recognised by Expo2020, the Cartier Womens Awards and is a Mercedes Benz brand ambassador. She is also an advocate for women and diversity in technology; with a belief that technology can be a force for good, for people and the planet.


Connect with Thea at or on IG @getbeeofficial

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4.16 The origins of building Get Bee; turning your frustration into your passion

6.30 How to attract major clients from consulting firms like McKinsey, to luxury fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana

8.40 Challenges of winning high profile clients and the importance of playing the long term game

10.45 Why you need to be flexible with your business vision but not your values

13.00 Building your personal & business brand and attracting media attention

15.15 “Star story” How Thea ended up doing her first pitch in the back of a race track car and went onto win a $100,000 grant

16.30 How Thea was listed as a Top 10 most influential tech profile in the media region & the power of public speaking 

18.20 How to prepare for a big public speaking event

22.20 “Star story” What to do when you secure a big media opportunity, but in a language you don’t speak 

24.45 How diversity in technology is not just about more women & what Get Bee are doing to make a difference

27.20 Being a leader of a diverse team and how to manage across different geographies

28.15 The power of impact in business and “tech for good”

31.00 How a career path towards the United Nations ended up in technology

33.30 Social Innovation grants for social entrepreneurs. Being a social enterprise does not mean you are a charity

35.00 Women in tech and VC venture capital funding. How to overcome unconscious bias and how to get double the amount of funding by flipping the conversation

40.30 GetBees funding journey and how to not give up equity for early stage start-ups

43.30 “everyone loves to have an opinion” – how to stay true to your vision with outside influence and investment

45.20 Advice to early stage female founders

47.15 Choosing the right sisterhood support network and the right life partner. (Amen!)

48.55 The vision for Get Bee, next steps in 2021 and international expansion

49.45 Nuggets of wisdom

  1. Keep going & trust yourself. “I didn’t get this far to only get this far”
  2. Stay true to your vision and your values. It is a north star for what you do.
  3. A guiding question for when you find yourself in a challenging situation; “Does this make me proud?”

References: The TedTalk mentioned is by Dana Kanze:

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