Discovering the Art of Feminine Leadership

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This was first discussed at the Art of Feminine Leadership Conference in Croatia, hosted by Shhhefica.

Have you ever felt like you don’t quite fit in at your company? Or have you ever felt like you  have to behave in a more masculine way in order to succeed?

If you have answered YES to either, then I can certainly relate, and in this episode, I am going to share with you my journey of building a successful career in a male dominated finance industry and how I did that while staying true to the woman that I am.

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  • 2.00 What is Feminine Leadership & Why does it matter
  • 3.00 Why NOW is the perfect time to embrace the art of Feminine Leadership
  • 4.00 How Covid has created an opportunity for us to rethink our workplaces 
  • 4.30 McKinsey Women in the Workplace 2020 Report
  • 5.10 How Feminine Leadership relates to you in your career and business
  • 7.00 Have the courage to be yourself, not an imitation of others.
  • 8.00 My journey with Feminine Leadership; how I built a successful career in a male dominated corporate world, while staying true to myself.
  • 8.35 “On the Basis of Sex” depicting the story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg – being the only woman in the room.
  • 9.20 Being an “only” and the consequences
  • 10.10 How I used to be a man in a skirt
  • 13.00 Your unique superpowers
  • 13.30 The Power of Feminine Leadership
  • 13.55 18months on the Board of a Shipping Company and what it changed my leadership style
  • 15.31 “To lead others we must first lead ourselves” – the power of personal leadership
  • 16.30 Mindset Mastery, Personal Development and the Power of Reframing
  • 19.00 A pivotal moment at the Financial Times Women in Business event
  • 20.00 Stepping up to become a gender equality advocate & my big WHY for making it happen
  • 20.30 A 3 step method to create lasting Change (and what most people do wrong)
  • 22.22 What to do when you doubt yourself
  • 23.35 How we can support women in business beyond just buzz words
  • 25.30 Leaning into the discomfort & fear to pursue your mission in life
  • 25.55 The importance of sisterhood & championing women in your life and business
  • 6 Key Pillars of Feminine Leadership
    • 28.00 Personal Leadership & mastering your morning; go to to download your free guide
    • 28.30 Mindset Mastery & the power of r
    • 28.55 The 3 step process to creating lasting change 
    • 29.13 Dare to be seen & use your voice for change
    • 31.00 Smart networking, investing in your sisterhood and using mentors & coaches to fast track your success
    • 32.30 Be the Change & the bigger vision for women in business globally

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