Unlocking the Spirituality of Money with Dr Maura Moynihan

Podcast The Witch of Wall Street Maura Moynihan

Let’s talk the power of breathwork, embracing the divine feminine and the spirituality of money! It’s a juicy one!!

On this episode of Make Millions to Impact Millions,  Laura Tynan speaks with Dr Maura Moynihan,  an international spiritual coach and teacher.  Dr Maura uses spiritual practices and principles, ritual, and the work of the Divine Feminine to support women bridge their spirituality with their service in a translatable and authentic way.

Dr Maura  owns the renowned Rosewood Family Healing Center in Los Angeles and teaches Revelation Breathwork Facilitator Trainings, classes and workshops with her husband and high school sweetheart. 

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Show Notes:

  • 1.45  Breath work – What it is and how it can be impactful during a session
  • 4.23  Staying open and curious during a Breathwork session
  • 5.14  Is breath work for everyone? Spiritual people and those in the corporate world alike?
  • 8.55  Each session is different, depending on who you are and what is going on in your life. Working through a session.
  • 10.44  Bridging the gap between money and spirituality
  • 15.19  Is money our spiritual birthright?
  • 17.30  The divine feminine – what is it and how do we embrace it?
  • 21.55  How to connect to your divine feminine nature
  • 24.44  Does learning about your own inner cycle help you connect with your own divine feminine?
  • 25.29  Maura’s daily rituals
  • 27.25  Clearing energy – what does that mean?
  • 30.08  Are spiritual practices and setting an intention too easy to really work?
  • 32.35  What is a Course in Miracles? Are there key lessons that people can take away?
  • 35.47  Maura’s approach to business. Has spirituality always been a big part of it?
  • 38.20  Some final words from Dr Maura

Favorite Quotes:

  • “We go out in nature and all there is is abundance and regeneration and fertility. That’s the fabric of who we are.”
  • “Beliefs that we’re carrying around with us often times need updates and we don’t even realize it.”
  • “The ocean and the trees and the sky are such a beautiful reminder of what’s available inside of ourselves.”
  • “It’s a mindset to be walking around with a lack mindset. “

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