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Can you really think your way to success? In this article we break down how it is that ‘your thoughts create your reality’ and how you can use this universal law to achieve even more success in your life and business.

For more on this be sure to listen to Episode 215 on my podcast Make Millions to Impact Millions where I delve into this topic in more detail. You can also download free manifestation resources here to support you further on your manifestation journey.

“As a (wo)man thinketh in her heart, so (s)he is” – Prov. 23:7

The idea that our thoughts create our reality, is not new. However, it has been so generalised through over shared IG posts and Pinterest boards; that the power of this truth has been lost.

There is a lot of discussion around manifestation which was especially been popularised since the success of the book and movie ‘The Secret’. The basis of manifestation and the springboard of creation is thought. So, this is where we will begin.

Our thoughts are powerful things and have the ability to raise us up to create the life we truly desire or tear us down and lead us to a life of stress and forever strain. Therefore, it is incredibly important that we understand how and why our thoughts create our reality, so we can use this power to create the reality we actually want, and no longer live by default.

Now is the ideal time to be having this discussion because we are living in a unique point of time, whereby if we can understand this principle fully, and apply it effectively, we have the opportunity to transform every area of our lives for the better.

The pandemic has forced all of us to press PAUSE and given us the opportunity to rethink how we have been living our lives and running our businesses. For better or worse, it has been a time of reflection and emphasis on what is most important to us all.

As we slowly emerge out of lockdown and return to “normal”, there is an opportunity for all of us to rethink and redefine what we personally want that normal to be.

This is why mastering these principles of manifestation is so important, now more than ever.

Up until now, the majority of people have been stuck in a cycle of working hard, hustling to get ahead and fighting for the top position. This conditioned scarcity mentality does not serve any of us.

I will explain how we can create big results and achieve our goals, but without working “hard” in labour terms, or sacrificing, or feeling that we must stress and struggle.

There is a new way we can “work” that is more effective and, produces results far beyond what you may have experienced before.

So why am I talking about this?

About 6 years ago, I walked into an event hall in Toronto to work with the legendary Bob Proctor. Bob is a world expert when it comes to personal success by applying universal principles and manifestation.

What I learned during our 10 days together completely transformed my life and I have been studying this material and its nuances ever since.

This has enabled me to rapidly rise to the top of career, become a top earner, be featured in major publications like Financial Times and Grazia, successfully launch my coaching business, attract international speaking opportunities at Forbes and make more money in a week than I used to in a year. 

The beauty about what I teach is that these principles do not discriminate. They will work for you too no matter where you are from or what your background is.

The topic of manifestation and intentional creation is vast in what we can cover, so instead of giving you a high-level overview of the art of manifestation, I have decided to divide this material into a series of teachings where we will cover a new principle over the coming weeks.

To get started this week; we will focus specifically on the power of thought.

Thoughts are real things and create the world around us. The reason so many people find this challenging to believe is because we can’t see our thoughts. They are just things that arrive in our minds and we don’t think of them as powerful or impactful on our day-to-day lives.

Despite thought being invisible to the physical sight, it is an actual force. It is a substance as real as electricity.

“We are surrounded by a vast ocean of thought stuff through which our thoughts pass like currents of electricity, or tiny streaks of light or musical waves. You can flash your thoughts from pole to pole completely around the world many times in less than a single second”.

Raymond Holliwell, Working with the Law

Scientists say that thought is compared with the speed of light and travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second.

Your mind is unlimited and your thought capacity infinite. Yet so few will ever fully grasp this truth and use it for their own good.

It is your power to think that determines your state of living. Think successful thoughts and attract more success; equally, think thoughts of failure and poverty and you will attract more of those circumstances into your life too.

Why do successful thoughts create successful results?

The reason is “like attracts like”.

When you hold thoughts of success, you are drawn to other thought currents of success and physically contact minds who think along the same lines. Later such minds will be brought into your life through new opportunities, people or circumstances.

“What the mind holds within, takes form without”

Your outer world really is a reflection of your inner world. The challenge is most people are thinking the same thoughts every day. These thoughts are often a result of their current physical reality and current results. They allow their outer world to influence their thinking, which is in turn, recreating their current reality. Thus, creating a continuum of the same.  

The mind is like fertile soil and we are constantly planting seeds. Good or bad, the soil is constantly giving back to us that which we planted. If we don’t like the results in our life, we must acknowledge and take responsibility for the fact we have been planting the wrong seeds i.e. allowing thoughts to dominate our minds that are not constructive.

Equally, when we have this newfound awareness of the power of our thoughts, we can rip these old weeds out (reprogramming our beliefs which are simply repeated thought patterns) and plant new seeds of thought that are in alignment with what we want to create.

The more we refocus on thoughts that are in alignment with our goals, dreams and visions, the weed thoughts will eventually die off. Whatever we are thinking, we are nurturing, and the law of growth will produce equal results. Thoughts of success will bring success. Thoughts of failure will reap failure.

Thinking power is constantly flowing to you and through you. You cannot stop thinking, but you can direct your thinking. That is where the real work is. When your thoughts lack direction, your results are those of confusion and pain. When you focus and direct your thoughts, overtime you will produce the results you truly desire and deserve.

What if you feel controlled by your thoughts instead of controlling this thought power? If you are someone that vents your feelings of anger, impatience, disappointment, frustration then the first thing to do is bring awareness to this pattern.

The second this is to realise why it is important to begin to break this habit, which is, it is delaying the good you seek from coming your way. It’s like constantly going back to the start line on all your efforts.

If this sounds like you a great exercise to practice is writing out a passage from the book called As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. The chapter is Serenity and the practice of writing this out every day for 30days will begin to influence your thinking, your internal vibration and support you with becoming more serene and in self-control.

I invite you to take what we have discussed here and apply it to your own life.

  1. Find evidence of this truth that your ‘thoughts create your reality’ in your own life. Reflect on where you have been focused on something, whether intentionally or not, that came to fruition. Was it something you were positively anticipating? Or was it something you were worried about and feared?
  2. Practice controlling your thoughts this week and directing thought power towards what it is you do want in life. If you find yourself falling back into old patterns of thought that are destructive or out of alignment with your desires; acknowledge yourself for noticing this, don’t be hard on yourself. Once you have awareness, begin to guide your thoughts back to right thinking and notice how that feels to now be an intentional creator.

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