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Well, get ready as we are about to deep dive into the transformative process and share with you the two keys principles for successful manifestation as well as practical steps you can take to master this powerful process. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this then check out the podcast episode, I recorded on this same topic here called “This is the key to manifesting successfully”


Anyone who wins in life and business must first create in their minds a clear mental picture of their primary desire.

If you have joined me in any of my business courses, then you will know emphasise the importance of CLARITY of what you want. 

Clarity brings focus and focused energy enables you to harness universal power and direct it towards what it is you want to manifest.

Desire is the starting point of manifestation and clarity is key. 

However, what happens if you have a big desire, for example; to sell your products in stores around the world, build a community of raving fans for your service or make millions in your business so you can live life freely and give back to causes that matter most to you; BUT you don’t believe it…

Then what?

How successful do you think you will be?

Do you think that version of you would… 

  • Make the necessary investments of time, energy and resources?
  • Would they persist through the challenges? 
  • Would they lean into the discomfort of the unknown and take action before they feel ready?
  • Or would they stay safe in familiarity aka comfort zone?

What do you think?

So, what do we do about this? If it is impossible to manifest your desire if you don’t believe in it, then how do you make yourself believe?

Another word for belief, is faith. 


Faith is said to be “the eternal elixir, that gives life, power and action to the impulse of thought”.

Faith is the key emotion we must develop in order to translate our desire into reality. Without doing this, nothing changes.

How do you develop faith and believe in your ability to achieve something that you have not yet achieved? In other words, how do you believe in the invisible?

Well, here is the formula.

Firstly, let’s get clear on exactly what we mean when we say ‘faith’

“Faith is a state of mind that can be induced or created by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of autosuggestion”

Secondly, how do we create faith? 

The only known way we can develop the emotion of faith is through repeated affirmations. By practicing your affirmation (I will share a specific formula for creating your affirmation in a moment) and repeatedly passing this affirmation onto your subconscious, it will eventually, be accepted and acted upon. In other words, your subconscious mind will translate your desire into its physical equivalent by the most practical means available. 

Has this sunk in fully because this is BIG!! 

Let’s recap. 

All thoughts, that have been emotionalised, and mixed with FAITH, will begin to immediately translate into its physical reality i.e. will be manifested!

If this isn’t mind blowing, then I highly recommend re-reading the above statement. 

How do you create your affirmations for this process to work?

  1. Set in your mind your desire
  2. What will you give in return for this desire. There is no such thing as something for nothing.
  3. Decide upon a definite date you intend to possess your desire. 
  4. Create a definite plan and start NOW – whether you are ready or not. If you are ready, you’ve likely waited too long. As a Coach, my work is to support you in taking those leaps before you feel ready and support you through this period of often intense discomfort.
  5. Write out your affirmation and read it aloud twice daily. As you do so; see, feel and believe that you are already in possession of your desire! This final step is crucially important!

If you have not yet learned about the working principles of the human mind, then all this may sound crazy. 

BUT if you commit to this practice you will see the results you desire to create. Have patience, persistence and faith.

The reason I say have patience is that what I am sharing here goes against EVERYTHING we have been taught in our society about “working hard” for success or money. 

I delve into my own views around this and why I believe knowing this truth is not favourable for certain powers. Check out that episode now if you want to hear more about that.

What I have shared here, does not require hard labour…but it does require persistence, commitment and the use of your imagination to see yourself in possession of your desire. 

All people that have acquired vast fortunes began with a dream.

If you are still in dreaming phase, then that’s awesome. Become a practical dreamer. Pretend that you have already achieved your desire. 

Ask yourself; what if I were to pretend, I believe? How would that change things for me now? 

How would I be turning up differently?

Your Advanced Warning!

There’s a lot of your listening now, that have big goals and desires. Maybe you share my mantra and desire of making millions, impacting millions and living life truly on your own terms. Know that all people who succeed in life, first get off to a bad start and pass through many heart-breaking struggles, before they “arrive”.

I want to remind you of this because in an era of “get rich quick” and “overnight success stories” it is easy to believe that when you are met with setbacks or challenges that it is a sign you are not going to be successful.

When I started my busines, I experienced a lot of failures and most people would have been tempted to quit. It is by knowing these universal principles which I’m sharing with you here, knowing my why, being so tuned into my life mission, having my daily success habits and practices, THAT is the reason I am still here, leading my business, thriving on so many fronts.

Let’s recap on some key takeaways

  1. Create a clear desire of what you want to manifest
  2. Develop faith through repeated affirmation
  3. Study – come back and review this material again so you remind yourself of your power as an intentional creator
  4. Imagine yourself successful; how would you turn up differently if you had already achieved what you wanted
  5. Reflect on past successes and achievements to remind yourself of your ability to succeed 
  6. Keep a positive attitude and surround yourself with people that will raise you up (check out my previous blog on how to “Think your way to success” to learn more about this.

You can see now there’s a lot more to manifestation than just saying “I want something”, then sitting back, changing nothing internally yet expecting external circumstances to change. This, in a nutshell, is what most people do. 

They have an idea of what the Law of Attraction is, think they’re “doing it” by simply saying they really want something and become totally disillusioned and disappointed when they don’t get the results they want. 

So that’s my aim here.

To make manifestation more accessible. To help you understand why and how you are an intentional creator, and how you can use these universal principles to create the results and reality you want.

So, what next? 

If you’re looking to deepen your manifestation work here are some great resources to support you on your journey.

  • Listen to the podcast episode we created specifically on this topic here.
  • Breathwork is an incredible, transformation practice and an amazing space within which to manifest your desires. Read more about breathwork here and try out your first session as a gift from us. 
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