The “3 Part Manifestation Process” no one is talking about.

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Do you know how the manifestation process really works? When it feels like things are never going to work out for you or when everything is going exactly as you dream of; do you know how this is happening?

My aim with this Manifestation series of podcast episodes is to support you in becoming an intentional creator in your life and business. On this episode 219, you will learn the 3 part manifestation process and how to apply it so that it works for you every time.

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Shareable Quotes:

  • “To really fully understand the law of attraction and how it works, we have to first understand how our mind works.”
  • “If you think successful thoughts, you get successful results.”
  • “Most people who want to attract or manifest more money, are actually in a very strong vibration of lack. Because they are stressed about not having it.”
  • “If you’re not asking the universe, then how can you ever expect to receive it?”
  • “You are an intentional creator and you do create your own reality.”
  • “Begin to act as the person you want to become, now.”
  • “Remember, your thoughts create your reality, so stay awake at the wheel of your life.”
  • “Speed up the manifestation process. But it’s not about speed, it’s about realising your truth in your reality with more ease.”
  • “We have to make change and that change starts internally.”

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