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As we continue our podcast manifestation series; journeying through mastering these universal principles, we wanted to bring you something extra special to support you even deeper in your practice. 

So this week, we are switching it up, by sharing with you a special manifestation meditation, guided  by your host Laura Tynan.

In this meditation we will focus on balancing and unblocking the Root Chakra which is linked to money & wealth.

Before you begin, write down your intention of what it is you desire to manifest, then find yourself a quiet place (as best you can) where you won’t be disturbed.

If you would like to follow along the chant, the mantra we use is LAM.

Here are the affirmations we guide you through during this meditation. Choose which ones resonate with you the most and take them with on your  journey throughout this week:

  • I am connected with Mother Earth
  • I am grounded and centered 
  • I belong 
  • I am accepted 
  • I trust and love my life
  • I am financially free and secure 
  • I am supported by the Universe and life around me
  • I experience abundance in me and around me
  • I experience prosperity in me and around me

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