Manifesting through the Feminine: How to use Money Magic with Dr Maura Moynihan

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I’m thrilled to share this incredible interview with Dr. Maura Moynihan.

Dr. Maura Moynihan is a spiritual thought leader, coach, and healer. Drawing from her background in neurology, women’s health, somatic work, and spiritual psychology, Dr. Maura supports women doing inner nervous system/energy/subconscious work to create outer results in their careers, relationships, and well-being. 

Dr. Maura and her husband/high school sweetheart are the founders of Revelation Breathwork, a powerful breathwork technique to access higher levels of consciousness and healing. They teach classes in their membership and offer several facilitator trainings per year. She is the mother to four beautiful sons and lives in the mountains of Asheville, NC.

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Some key discussion points:

  • 14.00: Why do we fight for gender equality when it was never meant to be equal in the first place. Men and women are not the same.
  • 14.00: Witnessing the impact of the Witch Wound 
  • 18.00: How the root chakra and survival impacts our relationship with money
  • 18.30: Revelation Breathwork – the magic of breath
  • 21.00: How to regulate the nervous system and the subconscious mind
  • 29.00: The power of coming back to love
  • 30.00: Chakra healing and money manifestation
  • 37.00: Money + Sex. Why are they taboos and would they disrupt ancient systems too much? 
  • 40.00: Manifesting from the Feminine 
  • 42.00: Sex Magic ie Manifestation with Sex 
  • 44: How tapping into your power, challenges the status quo.

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