Conjuring Wealth: The Magic of the 50-30-20 Rule and Beyond

Ready to transform your relationship with money and become the wealthiest witch on Wall Street? Join me, Laura Tynan, as I unveil the magical world of wealth, witchery, and woo in this episode where I share my secrets on getting personal and intimate with your finances. Discover the importance of treating your relationship with money just like any other relationship in your life by taking yourself on a sexy money date (or whatever your vibe may be).

Listen as we discuss the ostrich effect, the 50-30-20 rule, and how to deal with debt while still investing in your future. Learn how to create a thriving relationship with money and make a plan for allocating your funds, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or sporadic. Don’t miss this opportunity to wave your wand and unlock the doors to a prosperous financial future. Are you ready to step into your power and become a wealthy witch? Let’s get personal with our finances and weave our magic together!

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