Rewriting Herstory: Women’s Battle for Money Equality




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Ever wondered why women often have complicated relationships with money? Get ready to feel empowered and inspired as we unravel the history of women and money, exploring the roots of negative emotions and shedding light on the fight for financial equity. Join us for a captivating story that will change how you view your connection with money, and don’t forget to download our free investing mini book to fast-track your financial journey here!

As we delve into modern family dynamics and the ways in which money beliefs can perpetuate gender roles, we’ll also celebrate the Women’s Business Ownership Act of 1988 and the incredible progress that has been made since. Learn how women in Ireland gained the right to own their homes in 1976, and how we can all work towards creating a powerful herstory around money. Together, let’s embrace a future of female financial empowerment!

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