From People Pleaser to Self-Sufficient Sugar Mommy: A 34 year Journey of Financial Empowerment

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Who says that financial empowerment and investing can’t be fun and enjoyable? 

Take it from me, your host, who just celebrated my 34th trip around the sun and is ready to share the wisdom I’ve gained along the way. In this birthday reflection episode, I’m bringing a whole new level of excitement to the world of investing and financial literacy. It’s time to break away from the intimidating jargon and complicated processes, and instead embrace investing as an empowering, rewarding, and yes, even fun journey.

Ever been stuck in the cycle of perfectionism, waiting for the perfect time and perfect plan? Let’s talk about the power of messy progress and why it’s better to start now, regardless of perfection. I’ve learned this firsthand through the recent rebranding of my business. I’ve also picked up some important lessons on setting boundaries, letting go of people-pleasing tendencies, and the benefits of niching down in your business. As a bonus, I’ll be sharing 34 life lessons – one for each year of my life – to inspire you on your journey.

And ladies, ever dreamed of becoming your own sugar mommy? I’m here to tell you that it’s totally possible! I’ll share my personal experience of investing and the thrill of buying designer pieces with my own money. Because, after all, it’s not about getting rich quick, it’s about building long-term wealth and creating the life you want. Ready for the next step? I’ve got a free investing money book waiting for you and plenty of resources to support your financial empowerment journey. So, come along and let’s make investing a delightful experience. Let’s write a new herstory for future generations, one where financial freedom is the norm, not the exception.

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