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Ever wonder how to break free from the corporate grind, harness the power of authenticity, and create a six-figure online business? Today, we’re having a deep and intimate conversation with Rebecca Ives, The Content Queen herself, who has managed to do just that. 

Together, we’ll take an enlightening journey through her transition from corporate job to entrepreneurial success, her experience in social media before it was a buzzword, and how she discovered the empowering process of building her online business to six figures and beyond.

What does it take to build a community of kindred spirits, attract soulmate clients, and navigate the unique challenges of being a personality online? Rebecca spills the beans on her personal growth voyage, becoming comfortable with her authentic self, and the transformational power of micro acts of courage. 

As we venture into the world of financial growth, Rebecca shares her journey of setting financial boundaries, healing her coach-client relationship dynamics, and the impactful role a bookkeeper played in helping her see her finances in real time.

But that’s not all—Rebecca’s insights go beyond just entrepreneurial success. 

She shares her enlightening views on money, the energy it carries, and how it amplifies benevolence or malevolence. We also dive into the intriguing dynamics of money and relationships, the power of having a supportive partner, and the need to establish financial boundaries. 

Get ready for a conversation that’s equal parts inspiring, informative, and transformative. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an aspiring investor, or someone seeking financial independence, this episode is sure to change the way you think about money, relationships, and the path to financial freedom.

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