Becky’s WoW Journey: How This Mental Health Nurse Transformed Her Money Relationship from Scarcity to Abundance

“It was quite simple, it didn’t need to be that hard, but you provided the clarity and accountability too to get the results”. Tune in to hear Becky’s experience within The Witches of Wall Street Live and how she transformed her relationship with money. 

Becky sheds light on her personal experiences, from growing up in a home where money was a constant source of anxiety, to eventually understanding the power of investing and abundance. Becky’s turning point came in her mid-30s when she started exploring the concept of money mindset, and a trip to Costa Rica that forever changed her perspective on money management. 

The conversation takes a fascinating turn as we dissect the intricate link between money and mental health, and how taking care of your money is a practice of self care. 
We also discuss the dark side of money – the power plays and financial manipulation that occur in relationships, and how confronting these issues can both strain and strengthen bonds. 

In the final segment, we discuss the wellness approach to financial freedom. Drawing from Becky’s experiences as a personal trainer, her battle with binge eating, and her spiritual beliefs, we discover the importance of holistic well-being on the journey to financial independence. 

Becky is a UK BABCP accredited CBT Therapist, Mental Health Nurse and Yoga Teacher, based in Norwich, England.

Becky empowers women struggling with binge eating disorders to break the binge-restrict cycle, healing their relationship with food & their bodies through evidence based CBT and yoga based techniques, and to provide them with the tools and support they need to achieve long lasting recovery, healing & a healthier, happier life.

Before training as a therapist, Becky worked for over 10 years in the UK NHS mental health services and simultaneously worked in the fitness industry as a Group Exercise Instructor & Personal Trainer. She has seen and experienced how normalised disordered eating & exercise is. She has had a 30 year lived experience of binge eating disorder, a 10 year lived experience of painkiller & exercise addiction and was diagnosed with ADHD at 35.

You can find her for 1:1 CBT therapy on www.beckygracetherapy.co.uk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/Iambeckygracetherapy 
Tiktok: www.tiktok.com/Iambeckygracetherapy 
Substack: https://beckygracetherapy.substack.com  

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