How Becoming a Mom Forced this Wealthy Witch to Transform Her Money Relationship




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“We’re told as women to be financially independent, but no one ever shows you how!” 

Joining The Witches of Wall Street changed all that. Madeleine knew it was time to improve her relationship with money, but having kids ignited an ENOUGH IS ENOUGH attitude, and she committed to finally figuring it out. 

What happens when a personal journey intersects with a financial mindset and a sprinkle of spirituality? Enter Madeline, a woman who has reshaped her beliefs around wealth, and is ready to share her story. In an environment where money discussions were off-limits, Madeline’s perspective towards wealth was far from conventional. 

Prepare for a shift in mindset as we discuss the Witches of Wall Street program, a platform designed to demystify investing, manifesting and wealth creation. Madeline shares her personal experience and success stories, and how the program’s structure makes investing and manifesting seem like child’s play. If you’re looking to become financially independent, this conversation is one you can’t afford to miss.

Last but not least, we dive into the birth of Madeline’s business, Hoof and Paw UK, a result of a burnout and a leap of faith. Moving from London to Australia with no safety net, she was inspired by the energy of Bondi Beach to create essential candles with crystals for balance and wellbeing. Hear about her journey and how her business ties into her personal life. Madeline also extends a warm invitation to join the Witches of Old Street Live, an exciting opportunity for anyone seeking to embark on their own path to financial freedom.

Madeleine is the founder and creator of the well-being and natural holistic candle company, HOOF & PAW. 

Madeleine designs and creates every step of the collection, formulating essential oil blends to harness and mirror the energetic qualities for each crystal embedded into the wax. Working with the power of candle light, you’ll not only get the benefits of the essential oils but of the crystal as well. The combination is pure, magic! 

Madeleine says ‘I wanted to create a candle that could work on many levels- our mind, our body and our soul. Something that could lift us up and help us maintain that all important balance in what can be such a busy and chaotic world. My mission; for each candle that’s sent out there to create a beautiful butterfly effect on our day to day lives.”

Madeleine is currently working on a new collection due to be launch later this year.

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