Hema’s WoW Journey: As the Daughter of Immigrant Doctors, She Believed She Had to Work Outrageously Hard for Money, Until…




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Growing up in the UK as the daughter of immigrant doctors from India, Hema’s relationship with money was one of; you must work incredibly hard and to be grateful to have what you need, not what you want.

Before joining The Witches of Wall Street Live, Hema’s mindset of just getting by, versus living in a state of abundance, was incredibly limiting and took many years to overcome.

In this episode of our Financial HerStory series, Hema shares about her journey within The Witches of Wall Street Live, the mindset and money shifts she has made, as well as dealing with the belief of “it’s too late for me”. 

With the power of investing and the courage to confront her money fears, Hema shares her  victories and struggles to encourage you too, to take charge of your financial future. As we confront the masculine energy often associated with investing, we reassure you that it’s okay to be scared, and it’s okay to ask questions.

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Hema Nair is a former doctor turned holistic coaching queen. Her mission in life is the education, elevation and empowerment of girls and women. To help women embrace their inner strength, intuition, and wisdom that has been shut down for too long. Training with the incredible Gabrielle Bernstein marked the beginning of her coaching journey, a path that has led her to uplift women, including survivors of domestic violence in their transformative process.

Through a unique blend of mindset work, embodiment practices, and energy techniques, Hema guides women to regulate their nervous systems, break free from mental blocks, shift old beliefs, feel safe in their bodies and learn to trust themselves again. By incorporating Kundalini technology, she also balances and boosts their energy, allowing them to attract and nurture their goals and desires.

Hema is a board certified Life & Success coach proficient in EFT, NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki Level 2 healing, and is currently training to become a Kundalini yoga teacher. Connect with Hema to join this journey to elevate yourself and each other. Rewriting Herstory and yours!

Connect with Hema on IG here
Find out more at hemanair.com

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