The Witches of
Wall Street

Welcome to the Witches of Wall Street Live Experience. The home of Wealth and Woo. The place where you will feel confident to invest and manifest with your tribe of Wealthy Witches!
 Are you ready to feel empowered and confident with investing your money? Are you ready to receive a wealth creation process that will have the Universe manifesting even more for you? Then cosy up because it's time to get your witch on!

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The Witches of Wall Street is a live experience, that will take you and your new witchy soul sisters on a 7-week journey. You will discover how to build real wealth by investing in the stock markets, and how to manifest even more, in a simple, yet impactful way...this is going to be soooul damn good! Wealth and Woo has never been experienced like this before and we're creating epic results together!

It's time you are shown how to make your money work for you.

The ultimate wealth + woo experience

The Witches of Wall Street Live was designed for the spiritual woman, who was never shown how to have a positive relationship with money, how to make it work for her by investing in the stock market, or how to multiply it, so she can become really damn wealthy. It's for the woman who knows manifestation is real, that it works, but maybe it just hasn't been working all that well for her lately and her magnetism needs a bit of a recharge.

In this journey together, I will show you how to mix the wealth building power of investing, with the magic of manifesting, to create the level of financial independence, freedom or security you are seeking.
Wealth and Woo baby! Win Win.  

The Witches Wall Street


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Week One - Three

This is where I blow your mind, revealing how simple it is to invest.
By the end of these three weeks, you will feel confident in understanding how the stock markets work, how you can invest in them, the types of investments to choose, and adopt the investor mindset to sustain long term financial success.
We begin our journey with investing so you have the entire 7 weeks to ask all and any questions that may arise, especially the ones you think are stupid. Those are especially our favourite! Because if you can't ask them here, where else are you going to?
This is a sacred portal of wealth and woo, and we are here for you, fully.

The Witches of wall Street Live 7 week Roadmap:

Week Four

Coming into week 4, this is your opportunity to take a breath, literally! You will join me for a deep hour long breathwork session, to prepare for the next stage of transformation. 

This is also your opportunity to follow up on anything you've missed and implement what you've discovered so far. Or just chill with a Kombucha and journal out the witchy wild ride you've just been on! 

Week Five - Seven

Who is ready for some WOO?!

Now that you're feeling confident AF on the investing side, it's time for us to ramp up your wins by delving into the magic of manifestation, but not like you've ever experienced before. 

The common manifestation question I receive is; what do I actually do to manifest more money?  And what am I doing wrong when it's not happening?

With manifesting, the how isn't exactly your job. That said, over the past 10 years I've developed a 6 part system which I'll be sharing with you, that completely eliminates all hoping and wishing, and ensures a clear road map  to  C.R.E.A.T.E.  the results you want. 

Added Bonus

As an added incentive to commit to become that Wealthy Witch within the 7 weeks, open your investment account, and share your wins, you'll receive a special Witch of Wall Street gift bag, with a mix of hand picked Wealthy Witch gifts, PLUS an invitation to a special EFT Money Tapping session that will beautifully wrap up this entire experience together. Divine!

When I say I am invested in you getting results, I mean it.

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“This was a great investment into my future. Laura's so proficient, and you feel like you're in really good hands with her.”



If you invest this amount every week


for this many years


You'll have saved this much


but You'll have this much if you invested it






The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

transform your money relationship from "it's complicated" to "madly in love" through our unique, sexy dating process.


wealthy woo practices that remove the guesswork and why the fuck isn't this manifesting confusion, so you get actual tangible results.

Connections with a community of incredible, big hearted, spiritual sisters, on the journey to becoming
that wealthy witch.

The exact investing strategy on how to make your money work for you and multiply it using the stock markets.


I am deeply passionate about showing women how to invest, build their wealth and improve their relationship with money.
Because far too many women are still stuck in the it's complicated zone with their money, and I want to show them how to move it into the deeply passionate, loving money zone.
When I'm not casually posing in the jungles of Costa Rica, adorned in serpent jewellery, you will find me passionately leading this community on their journey to become that wealthy witch by mixing the power of investing with the magic of manifesting.

Walking into University singing This Girl is on Fire

And after 4 years studying Finance, graduating with a Bsc 1H Degree, I went on to become a Chartered Accountant, qualifying in the top 10% in Ireland.  I know, total nerd right!

Over the next decade, I built a successful career in Finance. A thrilling, jet setting chapter of my life, that 18 year old me once dreamed of. From working with international companies, travelling the world from Sydney to LA, and Paris to Dubai, living this 5 star, VIP, ultra luxurious life.
However, despite all that, on my 30th spin around the sun, the moment finally arrived, when I had enough of being the only woman in the boardroom. I knew something had to change. And I knew that change had to start with me.

My journey with investing started in 2008...

I travelled the world learning from some of the most brilliant minds including Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Esther Hicks and many others whose names remain less known. I trained in Reiki, EFT Tapping, Rapid Resolution Therapy and Revelation Breathwork. I studied Universal laws, delved into the science of manifestation and received incredible energy healing.

The impact was so great, the results so drastic, that it would be impossible for me to teach on investing and money, without bringing the absolute magic of the WOO into what I do.

Because without that magic, I wouldn't be where I am today.

And I am so excited to share this unique mix of Wealth and Woo with you too.

Wealth and Woo

introducing the Era of:

The Witch of Wall Street

It's been this journey of female financial empowerment over the past decade, that has led to me being recognised by the Financial Times as a Top 20 Future Female Leader, by Yahoo! Finance as a Global Champion of Women in Business, and sharing this passion on international stages, including at Forbes.

The Witch of Wall Street was birthed from this journey, the years spent in the male dominated, masculine driven world of finance, and the personal spiritual awakening I was initiated into.

So pull up a seat sis, I have a feeling it's your time to become the next Wealthy Witch.

The Birth of:


If you invest this amount every week


for this many years


You'd have this much saved


This is what it would be worth if you invested it

Can I hear you say Woo!

Can I hear you say Woo!

When it comes to the WOO side of things, and manifesting money, there’s a lot of cow-girls out there, talking absolute shite, trying to convince you that you’re the problem things aren't manifesting. 

When I first started my intentional manifestation journey, I was creating the most extraordinary results. 

It’s when I began learning from so many different so-called manifestation experts, that I began to feel like the whole process was entirely overwhelming, out of my control and super complicated. Unless I was doing past life regressions, plant medicine, and watching every damn word I spoke, I was a lost cause it seemed!

Fed up of one too many WTF moments, I decided to cut through all the bullshit and craft a straightforward, easy to follow, simplified manifestation process that can be understood and implemented in a matter of weeks. 

If you’re someone who likes to spend months deep diving into all the fluff, that's awesome. But this program is likely not for you. I have created the Witches of Wall Street Live to be an experience that cuts through all the bull, has removed all the fluff, and focuses on you, your results, and a fun AF experience with other big hearted, soulful sisters. 

Because, why not make investing and manifesting SO MUCH FUN! 

My intention for this sisterhood is to create a portal where epic results are the norm, manifestations are like breathing, and investing feels as easy as ordering an Uber.

Here is where we will bring together our collective energy to manifest such epic, delicious, abundant results that people around you will look at you in awe at what you've created…and the only explanation you'll be able to give them, is it's because I’m that Wealthy Witch. The stock market multiplies it for me, and the Universe keeps supplying it! 

The Witches of Wall Street is the only one of its kind because...

It's Wealth and woo! without the bullshit

I'm not a fan of people guaranteeing you'll make 7 figures in a week when they have no idea where you're even starting from! That kind of sleazy marketing makes me run a mile. So let's talk like real humans instead, from one witch to another...
Here's what I know IS possible for you. By the end of our 7 weeks together, you will know exactly how to invest, and how to manifest, in a simplified way, that gets you results. 
You’re already winning at the game of life. I know that without even meeting you because, why else would you be here still reading about a program that will equip you with the skills and tools to invest and manifest money? Exactly. I'll be showing you how to win this game in a new way, and at a different level. It’s not going to be that complicated once you know how. 

Stocks and soul conversations, ETFs and EFT, investing chats and moon chanting.
I will show you how to invest, create a thriving relationship with money, and become a wealthy woman, while having fun with a sisterhood of witches, who vibe on 5D energy conversations. If this kind of sisterhood vibe is not for you, then love you are in the wrong place!

However, if you read this and have a fuck yes responsethen I am buzzing with excitement to welcome you into the Witches of Wall Street, to introduce you to your fellow witches and to unite in this magic portal, standing over our cauldrons of creation to invest and manifest in a way your mind cannot even comprehend yet.

It’s going to be fucking magical. And part of that magic is nestled within you.

You see, as much as you have manifested this moment, you are part of my manifestation too. As I sit under the sun, conjuring up the most holy money balls experience, dreaming up the kind of women to magnetise into this vortex, you are part of it. It's quite amazing to be in a moment realising you've manifested each other right ;)

Your Wealthy Witch sisterhood is a vibe like no other. 

“I was highly impressed with this program.  I would recommend it to my friends and my family. And if you're thinking about it, do it. You won't regret it."

- Natalie @nataliemarietm


If you invest this amount every week


for this many years


You'd have saved this much


This is what it would be worth if you invest it

The results you'll receive from The Witches of Wall Street

The results you'll receive from
The Witches of Wall Street

When making an investment in yourself and an opportunity like this, it is often difficult to quantify the results you'll receive.

So this is the other amazing part of your investment in The Witches of Wall Street Live. You can quantify your return before you even begin.

On the investing side, after completing this program, you will know how to turn €100 weekly into a €1.5million+ investment fund versus €243k if you had just saved it. You can play around with the numbers and see the difference if you put more or less in every month, but the fact is, you're going to get your investment in this program back, hundreds of times over.

And the even cooler thing, when it comes to the manifestation side, the results are unquantifiable. Because you are INFINITE. And an investment in you produces infinite returns. So even though we will journey for 7 weeks together, I guarantee you will be enjoying continued results for years to come.

So to ensure we are on the same page, I want to address another few common misconceptions that have stopped many women I meet from investing, including the past me!
  • Firstly, you don't need a tonne of money to get started. For most online brokers you can start with €100, or even less in some cases. 
  • Investing is actually less risky than leaving your money sit in a savings account. In a savings account, you can be guaranteed you lose money, because it isn't even matching the rate of inflation. Yes, you read that right!
  • It seems complex now, but with me guiding you through each step of the investing journey, it will feel as simple as it possibly can be. It doesn't involve hours of paperwork either, and likely less than what you did when opening up your bank account!

Your Success is Golden

Your Success is Golden

Now here’s the other thing I want us to clear up. 90% of programs are not completed and that statistic does not work for me! I’m on a mission to enable more women than ever before, to become financially empowered through investing. If women are in this program and not completing it, that guarantees me this is not happening,
So here’s what we’re doing differently. 

I'm adding in the live element to this experience so we meet every week together to take you through the key weekly elements, and each week is accompanied by a video training that is recorded in bite size chunks you can digest while drinking your matcha. Massive value, in the least time possible.

I'll also be inviting you to add the program link to the home screen on your phone too. I know this may sound basic, but I want to ensure you can easily open and access this program even when you're on the go. I know from experience, that extra barrier of having to sit down at the computer, get your login details, likely reset the password to even get inside…well, it can all feel too much. 

So let’s make this easy peasy, lemon squeazy!

Plus, I've added in a bit of competitive fun too. 

As an extra incentive to complete the entire program, including attending all the live sessions, you will receive a Witch of Wall Street goodie bag AND be invited to an exclusive Money Tapping session with me. 

In this program I am giving you the sandwich of financial success. There will also be lots of additional resources available, which will be like the lettuce, tomato, feta, that you can add in, if and when you desire. But I want to ensure you have your sandwich of understanding first and know how to set yourself as that Wealthy Witch. 

Witch, please!
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"You'll have everything you need to get started when the time comes to invest, and as we know...the time is now!""

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"I loved the way Laura made investing so accessible, appealing and feminine - something I had never encountered before"

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Are you ready to start your Wealthy Witch journey and discover a simple, yet impactful way to invest and manifest? If that's a yes, I invite you to join us inside the Witches of Wall Street now by selecting the option that works best for you:

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TOTAL £1,222

All in one

7 live group sessions

Lifetime access to the online program

Private Telegram group

Take part in the additional giveaways

SAVE £111
1 PAYMENT OF £1,111

best value!

Enrolment is now closed. In the meantime, click here to start your investing journey.

"I whole heartedly recommend this programme if you want to  ignite your financial interests and get to mastering your money!

I decided to take Laura's program after being hooked to her podcast! I loved the way she made investing so accessible, appealing and feminine - something I had never encountered before."

go for it!

ClÓdagh @clodaghok

"Laura takes a data driven investing approach that really empowers you with your finances.

Whether you have a baseline understanding in investing or not, Laura’s program will provide the frameworks for you. I feel for the first time truly empowered to take ownership of my portfolio".

Natalie @coachnataliemarie

"It was absolutely amazing. It is a great investment into my future.

I had dabbled in investing half heartedly because I knew it was something good for me, but didn't have any information, didn't know where to find it
or when I tried t it, it just all seemed so complicated. Laura has broken it down so understandably so I knew exactly what I had to do."

Paula @girlgrowthgram

Wealthy Witches

Close your eyes.

Place your hands on your heart. 
Then put your focus on your third eye, that space in the centre of your forehead.

Now picture ahead, it's 7 weeks time, what will feel best to have done?

Will it feel best to have joined the Witches of Wall Street, and be investing and manifesting with ease?

Or will it feel best to have not taken this next step?

Side by side, which option feels better for you?

Perfect. Great job, Now you have your answer, and can get off that fence, I know how uncomfortable it is up there ;)

If you're still on the fence whether to sign up, try this...

you're in the right place.


If you invest this amount every week


for this many years


You'd have saved this much


This is what it would be worth if you invest it

"This NEEDS to be in the hands of all women wanting to make BANK and feel EMPOWERED with their finances."


This      for you if:


You're looking for a get rich quick scheme. Repeat after me, there is no such thing!


You're looking for me to do the work for you. I'll be your guide, I will lovingly kick your ass, but I will not replace you in this process


It's probably        for you if...

If the nipple below is too much for you, Then just take it that I will be too ;)



Investing in your future self

Making your money work for you

Becoming a wealthy woman that invests her money 

Creating a positive, neutral relationship around all things money

Become a confident investor and manifestor

Become that Wealthy Witch

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


Then babe, this is it....


If you invest this amount every week


for this many years


You'd have saved this much


This is what it would be worth if you invest it

Is this program for me?

If you're unsure like “I know this is for me, but I have a few questions” then email us now at and we'll get you sorted. If you are more like, “this could be for me, but I need more convincing”, then check out now love. The time isn’t right for you. And I say that with love. I am bringing together a community of outrageously amazing women who are ready to scream FUCK YES LET’S GO to their future Wealthy Witch. We have a lot to journey though, and 7 weeks to complete that. We just can’t have any heavy energy or resistance to that flow. So, let’s love and leave it here. Maybe another time ;) But for you fabulous woman still reading, love to you, now let’s make this happen. 
Sign up now or if you have any high level, curiosity questions, then simply email us now at

But what if?

When/ How will calls take place & what if I can't make it live?

Doors will open on April 17th. There will be one 90minute call per week for the 7 weeks. Times will be decided once the doors to enrolment have closed and timezones best co-ordinated. Calls will take place over Zoom and timings will be released in advance so you have time to schedule them in. The magic will be happening live, but if you can't make it live, replays will be made available within 48 hours.

What is the format of the program?

The weekly breakdown of the program can be found here.

How much time will this take to complete?

There will be one 90 minute live group call a week for the 7-week period. There will also be online video trainings provided to cover more of the technical side of the program and will be available to refer back to whenever you need. The videos are all less than 15 minutes in length and where valuable, accompanied by a funbook ;) You have life time access to this part of the program.

Are results guaranteed?

While it is ingrained in my mission to show every woman that walks through our virtual doors how to invest the simplified way and implement the manifestation techniques we provide to create the results they desire, this is a two way journey. I am nobody's saviour or momma. I will guide you and show you how to succeed to the best of my ability. But I cannot do the implementation work for you. If you are committed and ready to create results together, then I will be so excited to show you the path and welcome you into the Hall of Wealthy Witches. But you have to do your part too. Deal? ;)

How long will I have access?

You will have access to this program for the lifetime of the online program, including access to any future updates. Access to future live sessions is not included.

What is your refund policy?

We operate on an honesty policy. If you decide to join us and then for some reason have a mini freak out, (I've seen it happen), then simply send us an email and we'll help you as best we can. If it's clear this isn't right for you, then we'll happily refund your investment in the program. We don't want to be dragging anyone through the journey! :D However, once you access the online portal, no refunds will be possible thereafter. I'm sure you can understand and we appreciate your honesty with us.

What if I have additional questions?

We get it! I was the kid who always had my hand raised asking alllllll the questions. If you're curious about something else that we haven't covered here, then email us at